AUSTRALIA: Following latest London Muslim terrorist attack, Senator Pauline Hanson calls for a “MUSLIM BAN”

Hanson is being ridiculed for saying Islam is a disease which needs immunization…but she is right. The One Nation leader posted a Facebook video on Thursday renewing her call for a ban on Muslim migration to Australia. (See video below)

UK Daily Mail  Left-wing columnists and Muslim political activists have joined forces to call for Pauline Hanson to be censored in the wake of the London terrorist attacks

‘People are feeling sorry for people over there and I’ve seen the hashtag #prayforlondon,’ she said from Parliament House in Canberra. ‘Well look, I have my own hashtag and you won’t need to be praying for this place or that place, because it’s #pray4amuslimban.’

Far left feminazi writer Clementine Ford has no problem with Muslim terrorists but attacks Pauline Hanson with this tweet:

Muslim psychologist Hanan Dover, who is campaigning to ban Somali-born Islam critic Ayaan Hirsi Ali from touring Australia, called for Senator Hanson to be censored even though she’s an elected member of parliament.

‘#PrayForPaulineBan,’ she said in a written message on her Facebook page. This is the same woman who has represented terror suspects and made anti-gay speeches.

Former Labor staffer Paul Syvret, who now works as a left-wing News Corp columnist in Brisbane, accused Senator Hanson of encouraging terrorism with her renewed call to ban Muslim migration.

‘Pauline Hanson is acting as a recruiting agent for extremists with that inflammatory bulls***,’ he said.