AUSTRALIA: Following latest London Muslim terrorist attack, Senator Pauline Hanson calls for a “MUSLIM BAN”

Hanson is being ridiculed for saying Islam is a disease which needs immunization…but she is right. The One Nation leader posted a Facebook video on Thursday renewing her call for a ban on Muslim migration to Australia. (See video below)

UK Daily Mail  Left-wing columnists and Muslim political activists have joined forces to call for Pauline Hanson to be censored in the wake of the London terrorist attacks

‘People are feeling sorry for people over there and I’ve seen the hashtag #prayforlondon,’ she said from Parliament House in Canberra. ‘Well look, I have my own hashtag and you won’t need to be praying for this place or that place, because it’s #pray4amuslimban.’

Far left feminazi writer Clementine Ford has no problem with Muslim terrorists but attacks Pauline Hanson with this tweet:

Muslim psychologist Hanan Dover, who is campaigning to ban Somali-born Islam critic Ayaan Hirsi Ali from touring Australia, called for Senator Hanson to be censored even though she’s an elected member of parliament.

‘#PrayForPaulineBan,’ she said in a written message on her Facebook page. This is the same woman who has represented terror suspects and made anti-gay speeches.

Former Labor staffer Paul Syvret, who now works as a left-wing News Corp columnist in Brisbane, accused Senator Hanson of encouraging terrorism with her renewed call to ban Muslim migration.

‘Pauline Hanson is acting as a recruiting agent for extremists with that inflammatory bulls***,’ he said.


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  1. The narcissist clementine ford and
    the light in the loafers paul syvret
    as well as handet dover all have in
    common what all leftist enemedia
    and leftists in authority don’t have:
    They haven’t any real love to give
    and would shun it if it were meant
    to come their way.They are loveless.
    They are the perfect recipients for
    muslimosis,perfect carriers for the
    muslim cancer.Cause? Mind control
    via airborne disease.Symptom?Total
    hatred anything Christian Democracy
    foundation.Endgame is sharia tenet.
    These weak luciferian lemmings may
    also be financially enticed.And as far
    as I’m concerned,they are no better
    than the muslims and are as guilty as them for aiding and abetting to
    the crimes of the invaders.

  2. Even after latest attack in London our naive stupid braindead left wing. Liberals are still defending muslims withe the usual mantra that Islam is a religion of peace. When are these clowns going to open their eyes? I am afrain europe is sinking fast but UK needs to wake up fast and start aggressive action to rid our country of the enemy within. Go australia go- keep your nation muslim free.

    • Muslim free? This changed in Australia 40 years ago.
      You may be thinking of Japan?
      So, as is happening world wide with almost all Western countries – They already have been imported and they now have their Muslim Brotherhood empires well entrenched within our Government, companies, Law and order…
      And our societies are being robbed by them – big time.
      And our current weak bribed and corrupted politicians are now unable to say NO.
      We will keep taking more in.
      The brotherhood demand this.
      Even when plain as day, by looking around the world at what the maddest do (like 300,000,000) of them want to do and many of them actually do.
      Blind Fred can see what our corrupted democracies are leading us to.
      Oh – but praying hard etc has somehow helped from stopping these mad people from committing atrocities?
      Flowers and the like have done ZIP.
      The enormous job in reversing this Brotherhood – or in the least, slowing it down it’s rapid onset, is needed in order to keep our societies rapidly turning into middle east infidel killing zones.
      New leadership is urgently needed.
      To clean out corrupt brotherhood led media outlets.
      Clean out the rats placed into key positions throughout our society.
      It is an enormous job.
      It was so easy for corrupt government’s to create legislation – such as section 18C, which in my opinion was put in place for the sole purpose for our new brotherhood leaders. They demand compliance and we are to never offend.
      Just look at the opposition & hell it takes to reverse this ARAB brotherhood legislation (which is still yet to be reversed or watered down)
      And how easy it was to put it in place!

  3. Robber, Kidnapper, Barbaric Mass Murderer, Torturer, Beheader, Serial Rapist and Huge Sex Slaver of Non-Muslim women and children,
    WARLORD Mohammad, founder of the Military Political
    BLOOD CONQUEST Cult of Islam declared


    Patriotic Western leaders would Fight Every Hour of Every Day and Night to END Muslim terrorism and the PLANNED MUSLIM CONQUEST of our nations!!!

    Our Wicked leaders BETRAY us!!! Our Champagne Socialist leaders work closely with the UN and top Muslim leaders in the Muslim colonisation of our nations!

    In Britain, Muslims are gifted with welfare and free homes upon entry. ADORED Muslims are NOT required to work! But live lives of leisure! Shopping sprees, picnics in parks and at beaches, victory marches, lovely holidays back to their home countries

    and produce Huge Numbers of Muslim children with their Baby Factory Wives for MUSLIM CONQUEST!

    Many Muslim males in Britain, Germany and Australia have 4 or more wives giving each Muslim male 20 or more children…..All on Welfare — financed by infidel taxpayers!!!

    Muslim Triumphantly Declare:

    Aided and Abetted by Leftist/Communist Globalist elites who Hate the HOLY ONE, our Awesome Wonderful Creator. Globalists are possessed with an all-consuming HATE for Jews and Christians

    and are determined to create the NWO (New World Order) One World Government and One World Religion where the ONLY Accepted Religion/Cult is ISLAM!

    The London Attack Was ISLAMIC, Not ‘International’ Liberty GB

  4. In all non-Muslim countries, Muslims and their communist/leftist allies are waging

    Fight Back!!!

    BRITS, Support at the Court on Monday, if you can!!!

    From: Patriotic, anti-Islamisation, political party Liberty GB:
    ……..This struggle represents a battle that must be fought for the sake of future generations if our civilisation is not to succumb to Islamic tyranny.

    Please continue to spread the word in whichever way you can, through friends, family and work colleagues, or by copying and pasting this article on your favourite blogs and websites.

    “Never forget – the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke 1729-1797

    Liberty GB man Tim Burton will face jury trial next Monday 27 March for lampooning Tell Mama, the discredited Islamic grievance-mongering outfit led by Fiyaz Mughal.

    This will be a landmark trial for freedom of speech in Britain, which has been under attack by Muslim fanatics for a number of years.

    Come and lend Tim your support on Monday. We’re meeting at 9am outside Southwark Crown Court, 1 English Grounds, London SE1 2HU.

  5. Heroine Pauline Hanson — Ethical, Moral and Courageous, would make an OUTSTANDING Prime Minister for Australia!

    ‘Muslim psychologist Hanan Dover, who is campaigning to ban Somali-born Islam critic Ayaan Hirsi Ali from touring Australia, called for Senator Hanson to be censored even though she’s an elected member of parliament.’

    Being granted residency in superior, First World nations is a great privilege that Muslims abuse. Soon after entering our beautiful free nations, Muslims seek with a vengeance to enforce sharia on hated infidels

    they do Everything in their Powder to DESTROY the Highly Cherished Free Speech of non-Muslims.

    The Islamic WICKED ACT to DESTROY our Freedom must be resisted with all of our might.

  6. She is absolutely correct. The best way to reduce the chances of an islamic terrorirst attack in Australia is to stop importing the potential and unrealised threat that comes with being an adherent to an ideology that is the polar opposite of a free and democratic society. We know that there is a small proportion that supports suicide bombings and up to a quarter that pander and long for sharia law so you will get these poison Skittles in every batch.

    The home grown threat is the cancer that grows within and it’s detection and eradication is a difficult task and a drain on finances, resources and manpower. Might also add that they are an absolute burden on the welfare system and contribute little. Those lefties who scream “he was born in England or is a third generation Australian” to justify no blanket ban on Muslims validate the point that even though they grow up in Australian society they do not and will not integrate with the infidels they are taught to hate in the indoctrination centres called mosques. So why on Gods green earth would you compound the error that was made in the last 20-30 years.

    When I was growing up the only recollection I had of Islam was the big fat Arabian Night Arab with the sword in Bugs Bunny that ran around screaming “Hassan says chop”. Now in Western Sydney there are suburbs that look like down town Beirut with fat ugly bastards wearing man dresses followed by the death eaters.

    As mentioned earlier Pauline’s heart is in the right place however her message delivery needs refinement. There are well versed conservative commentators on Islam that would shred the despicable pariahs noted above in the article with the cold hard truth on Pisslam however they never seem to be invited onto any current affairs or talk back panels which are invariably leftist. They only invite those who come across as uneducated and bogan like and stack the panel in their favour with a sprinkling of hijab wearing down trodden like mussies.

    I have no doubt that the big one will hit either Sydney or Melbourne in the next year or two and the changing attitude will be to tell the mussie huggers to shove their #hastag where the feathers are thinnest..

  7. We also have Bernard Gaynor, former military like Jacquie Lambie, very outspoken about islam and homosexuality and sadly, persecuted by those in authority, sued by homosexuals because he disagrees with their lifestyle, Here in Australia we have low numbers, slightly under 2.5%, no-one I speak to believes me when I inform them at 8% plus the troubles will start. Apparently I speak hate when I making an honest effort to inform family and friends about the dangers we face, Even with a ‘heightened’ security around functions, people still refuse to accept the possibility. This is my question to all of them, How will they know which vehicle is carrying a bomb? Who goes to work prepared to defend their life from knife attacks, bomb attacks or rabid madmen in suicide vests? How do you defend from an enemy that acts covertly? when those who should be defending our freedoms are selling us out to terrorists and Paying them to come here. Why is it still illegal to defend ourselves, our homes, our families and people being attacked. Yes, in Victoria it is illegal to defend your property, there, you can be charged if you hurt these f**** home invaders. Charged if you ‘hurt’ a criminal in the act. ‘Dead men don’t tell tales’, a great novel and maybe the only way we can defend ourselves. First, have to knock out all those cctv ‘give up’s’ that ‘dob us in’.

  8. Go Pauline 🙂 let the media, government and lefties choke on their comments. See link below of what the abc wrote.

    Info from Pauline Hanson ” With two seats still in Western Australia to be decided Pauline Hanson’s One Nation has already claimed victory in THREE upper house seats.
    The ABC’s Anthony Green has called the result surprising.
    Maybe it was surprising to him but it is not surprising to us!
    So next time you hear the media lies and political attacks on the television, next time you see One Nation attacked in the paper, you might want to remember the Western Australian election.
    If you needed any more proof the media, the Government, and the Labor cannot be trusted this is it.
    Pauline Hanson’s One Nation is the fastest growing political party in Australia, it just claimed three seats in only fifty days.
    I can’t wait to see how they try and spin that” remember what the media wrote what a load of rubbish

    One Nation has blown its WA campaign, but will its supporters care?

  9. Today’s madman (madwoman) is tomorrow’s visionary. Give it a little time, a few more attacks, and little by little people will come over to her. Then at a certain threshold, all the moral weathervanes will flip direction and agree with her.

  10. Muslim psychologist Hanan Dover is a divisive, nasty witch.
    On her facebook page one of her muslim supporters of banning Pauline said,
    ‘democracy is evil, since it has no objective values, just the whims of the masses.’
    This is the insane mindset the Western World is up against.

  11. By association with the self segregating, self isolating, homophobic, mysogynistic, death cult, muslims are themselves the cause, as well as islam itself.
    When they use terms like d***h and even the term radicalism, it no longer is a mask.

    Terrorism, violence and oppression is the true face of islam. In fact, it’s true that most high level islamic terrorists have studied the religion to the extreme, so they indeed DO know what it is about.

    An excellent video which is worth watching if you haven’t seen.
    This woman verbally wrips the muslim to shreds, when she tries to play the age old victim game.

    • This woman is the amazing and very celebrated Brigitte Gabriel. (I also recognized Frank Gaffney on the panel. He has an awesome ten part online course on Islam in America.)
      Brigitte was raised in Lebanon and has a very interesting story to tell. But I will let her tell you in this video. This is a rather famous video because in it she very effectively blows the whistle on the Moslem Brotherhood in the US. Enjoy.

      • I follow Brigitte and have bought her books, but she desperately needs to take a course in elocution and public speaking to get her message across, at times she is nearly incomprehensible.

  12. hanson recruitment campaign for extremist? retard! allah is the chief recruiter for extremists! who made you so fucking stupid, dude? and pray your dtr. (if you have one) don’t grown up to look like that ugly ass muslim broad with the condom hat on!

  13. Senator Hanson is absolutely correct, islam is a disease/cancer that needs to be strongly dealt with in the western world. Its tentacles are deep, far reaching, and lethal to our civilized world. The muslims will surely destroy every countries proud history and heritage, it is heartbreaking to see the toll this evil ideology has taken on all of Europe. All of the former proud, patriotic and historic countries throughout Europe are losing their identity and history to this scourge. I have traveled extensively in Europe over the years and would now have to think long and hard about revisiting e.g. Brussels, Holland, Italy, France and so on!! English Prime Minister May has stated the English own London…I do think she needs to take another good long look!!
    This vile disease, islam, now is taking a big hold in Australia and the politicians are doing zero to prevent a repetition of the European disaster. The only two politicians with testicles in our country are Hanson and Lambie and they are both females!! I may not agree with all of their policies, however I stand behind them 100% for their stance against islam.

  14. Go Pauline shes got my support, she carries a koran around with her so unlike the ftard lefties shes well informed

  15. A Moslem ( @_asank02 ) started a poll on Twitter how many people support the #Pray4MuslimBan.
    After 3 days (5 days left) 5,157 votes, 70% Ban muslims, 30% Don’t ban muslims
    Not quite the result expected.
    Trouble with Pauline is she is not very articulate & needs voice modulation lessons. The enemedia of course pounces on this weakness (apart from their own bias) & her message often times loses it’s strength. What she says is fine, HOW she says it, needs vast improvement. And I’m not so sure she has a deep grasp on the subject.
    Senator Cory Bernardi is very articulate, has the intellect & the in depth knowledge of pisslam. Unfortunately he (as yet) doesn’t have her gravitas.

  16. I have less of a problem when we import 9 good muslims from every 10. And not the lot.
    Where we stop the 1.
    But How do we honestly define the good??
    When say 5 of these 9 we be a life long welfare burdens.
    And another 1 or 2 actively look for ways to defraud their places of non muslim run employment (as taught to do in their upbringing).
    And how do we actually screen the 1 in every 10 who actively dislike our way of life?
    Simply import Greeks and Italians or anyone from a non muslim belief.
    Then at random (With little screening needed)
    More like 99 out of 100 will fit in to our way of life – get off their arses and actually be willing to work, with a much larger percentage working honestly.
    It is a no brainer what our weak government needs to do.
    They are both too scared & some are likely linked to the mob – meaning they simply pretend the bad are good, as they are already involved with them – And they can’t say NO.
    Something more –
    How do the children of migrants grow up & how do they benefit our society?
    I see the Italian, greek, asian etc kids growing into good adults who contribute and fit well into our society.
    Where I see little of that, with the alternate.
    So, go away you stupid & mob corrupted fake news outlets.

  17. Muslims are the real victims. Only 4 kaffirs dead and 40 kaffirs injured in the latest terroristic attack. I can’t wait for next week till more kaffirs are either killed or injured. Welcome to the Wonderful World of Islam.

      • Of course given the last sentence. Plus how many filthy Muslims were killed in that attack? The b@stards say they love death more than life so WTF are there so many of the filth and why do the Isis scum dress up like woman to run away from battles theyre losing. Muslims are the most vile and cowardly POS on our planet. Muslims and lefties are the cancer of the 21st century

  18. Prime Minister

    It is not “terrorism,” it is not “islamic terrorism,” it is the violent mode of jihad, something that has been going on for 1400 years. That is what islam does. If it were not engaged in jihad in its two predominant forms, namely stealth, or “peaceful” jihad, and violent Medina style jihad, it would not be islam. Its main aim throughout its hideous history has been to first of all wipe out the Jews and then all other infidels. Have you ever asked yourself why, and then made the effort to find out? It doesn’t appear so.

    I just saw you on the news say in effect that demonizing the islamic community would only encourage “terrorism.” We out here in the real world who understand the true nature of islam and its true history are not so easily taken in. You are once again proving yourself to be a travesty of a Prime Minister. Your pandering to muslims is nauseating – it is in fact treasonous. Likewise with Minister Pyne. His observation that the perpetrator of the London jihad attack was born in England and that this therefore countered Pauline Hanson’s call for a ban on muslim immigration, was absurd. If I need to point out why his stupid attempt to criticize her was absurd, you are both far more foolish and ignorant than I already know you to be.

    islam is in fact the most insidiously evil ideology of all time!! It is tantamount to nazism but far worse. Pauline’s call for a ban on muslim immigration does not go far enough. islam needs to be banned and forced out of our non-muslim country in much the same way that Saudi Arabia is cleansed of all religions other than islam. Are you aware, for instance, that Malaysia will not issue visas to Jews? Are you aware that non-muslims are not allowed to visit Mecca? This latter fact in itself should make you think carefully and deeply about what the Western world is up against. Its implications ought to shock you! islam is an insidious political ideology that uses religious sentiment to attain its nefarious goal of world domination called for by the koran.

    But for at most 3 members of Federal Parliament that I can think of at the moment, Australia is being “governed” by absolute fools who like to make out they are highly educated. The greatest mistake you lot are making is to take those of us out here in the real world who understand islam from the inside out to be fools. You are the fools, and one day, if I am not greatly mistaken, and it would be a great tragedy for our non-muslim country and the Western world generally if I am, you will all be desperately searching out a corner to crawl into! I can hardly wait to see that happen!

    • I hope you send this open letter directly to your PM.
      By the way, the reason moslem immigration should be halted is not to prevent terrorism. Rather it is to help keep the moslem population below the threshold of approximately 6%. It’s been observed over and over that at this level the moslem population changes from a passive community to active insurrection. Go to the internet and check this out. Every Western country that now has problems has either just reached this threshold or have passed it!

  19. The Senator is right, a ban on Muslims is needed in any Western society, otherwise it’s suicide to welcome them !

  20. It’s like a cancer and it’s spreading aggressively. Countries that were already muslim are rapidly becoming increasingly hardline fundamentalist. It MUST be stopped.