Designated terrorist group CAIR keeps pushing anti-Muslim hate crime hoaxes

Muslim woman wearing a full body-covering abaya (burqa without the face mask) claims she was nursing her baby outside in a parking lot (exposing her breast for all infidel men to see?) when a man in a truck pulled up and threatened to shoot her with a gun.

No witnesses, no CCTV evidence, no cell-phone video, no license plate number…just allegations by a terror-linked group using the media to get pity for Muslims.

And then there’s this: After police have repeatedly refused to press criminal charges against a man who allegedly told a Muslim woman to take off her headbag, CAIR keeps demanding they charge him.

According to the alleged victim, Fardoso Mohamed, she walked away from the man, but he followed her through the store and confronted her again about her religious attire. Bystanders did not assist Mohamed or intervene on her behalf.