MISSOURI: Where some people will do anything for a free meal, even a barbarically-slaughtered meat halal meal

It’s amazing how Americans are so willing to make themselves patsies for Islamic propaganda. At the Dar-Al-Jalal Islamic Center open house for Trump supporters called “Make America Whole Again” and hosted by Faizan Syed of designated terrorist group CAIR, one Christian woman even came dressed up in an Islamic supremacist headbag.

The smarmy little sharia-promoting creep from CAIR, executive director Faizan Syed, gave the tiny group that did attend a guided tour of the Islamic center, including the prayer hall and children’s indoctrination center. There were presentations on “Islam 101,” and an international halal dinner was served.

There were also activity tables at which guests could get henna temporary art tattoos, have their names written in Arabic, get propaganda from the Islamic information table, as well as learning the proper way for an oppressed woman to wear an Islamic supremacist headbag and get a photo taken in it.