More evidence that Sweden will become the first Islamic state in the West

Not ashamed to live in the rape capital of Europe because of Muslim immigration, not infuriated to be arrested for criticizing mass Muslim immigration which kicks senior citizens out of their homes to make way for Muslim refugees, now a male Swedish government official is wearing an Islamic headbag to protest the EU ban on headbags in the workplace.

Speisa (h/t Christine D)  Director General of the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration, Göran Mårtensson, decided to wear the Muslim headbag to protest the EU’s ruling on banning it at the workplace. “I can fry hamburgers, make waffles and clean just as well in this,” says Göran Mårtensson, as he wears the veil in protest against a controversial decision by the EU, reports nt.

Many of the visitors to the cafeteria looked a little extra when they came to the premises on Friday. Behind the counter stood as usual Göran Mårtensson, but on this particular day he was wearing a Muslim headbag, called a hijab.

Most laughed at first, but then they asked why I was wearing it. And so far all have been positive, except the odd occasions, he says.

Göran Mårtensson on this day chose to go to work wearing the headbag due to a recent ruling by the European Court of Justice, where a Belgian company that fired a Muslim woman because she wore the head covering at work was acquitted. The verdict, which is expected to set precedence, means indirectly that it’s okay to ban the Muslim headbag at work.

Göran was one of the many who were upset by the news. Not least because he in his job meets many Somali and Arab women who wear the Muslim supremacist headbag. Therefore, he made his choice of dress for Friday in “solidarity with his sisters.”

This is almost as bad as the group of construction CEO’s in Sweden donning pussy hats.