Angela Merkel allegedly is sneaking in thousands of Muslim invaders on secret night flights from Turkey to Germany

Is German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government surreptitiously flying massive numbers of Muslim “refugees” into German airports and military airbases on secret night flights? That is the charge in a story by German writer Markus Mahler last week in the German publication Kopp Verlag.

TheNewAmerican (h/t Liz)  Spokesmen for the German government are denying the stories, stating that they are completely false. However, Chancellor Merkel’s credibility on this issue is almost nonexistent, as she has been caught repeatedly in lies, coverups, and deception on migration and refugee matters.

“Officially,” writes Mahler, “the refugee crisis in Germany is slowing down: less and less of them are walking on the Balkan route; one sees hardly any special trains or buses. No wonder: Apparently they travel by plane. Neither seen nor known about, one charter flight after another is landing at German airports.”

“They board the chartered planes in Turkey and in Greece,” Mahler reports. “They land in Germany late at night. They are then distributed by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) by buses to the reception centers. It was reported by several Kopp Online tipsters, who observed the buzz at German airports. So far, German media aren’t reporting it.”

According to the Merkel government, the German media aren’t reporting it because it’s not happening; it’s all rumor and myth invented by Mahler, officials insist.

A spokesman for the German embassy in Washington, D.C., translating from a press release of the German Ministry of Interior, told The New American: “These rumors are completely false; there is no foundation to these stories.”

Markus Mahler’s story in Kopp Verlag specifically listed flights from Turkey and Greece that he said were bringing refugees/migrants to be dispersed throughout Germany. According to Mahler: 

• Just one look at fight schedules of August 8th shows: From half past twelve, the “rush hour for refugees” begins. Airplanes from Turkey and Greece land almost every minute.

• The intensive landing continues through the night and ends only around six in the morning. Below there is just an example from the Cologne-Bonn airport: during the day there’s merely one flight arriving from the eastern Mediterranean. No wonder: tourism is downright destroyed due to the many terrorist attacks. At night, however, there are no fewer than eleven flights. 

Mahler then lists specific flight times and the cities of origin in Turkey and Greece. According to the Kopp Verlag reporter, similar flights are also bringing refugees/migrants into the Hannover and Dusseldorf airports.

The New American asked the German embassy spokesman, Markus Knaus, if the flights listed in the Mahler story are entirely fictitious. Knaus said he could only relay the August 10 statement of German Interior Ministry official Tobias Plate, who stated: “I know of only two flights to Hannover and they were not during the night.”

However, the Merkel government has become notorious for deception, which is a major reason why polls show the once-popular Merkel is now widely distrusted and reviled, not only in Germany but throughout Europe. Among the many examples of her government’s deceit are:

Refugee Invasion — As prelude to the 2015 refugee disaster, the German people were told that the total number of refugees would be around 100,000. That total was repeatedly revised upward: 250,000, 350,000, 450,000. In August of 2015, officials bumped that up to 750,000. But by the end of the year, the totals were almost double that already astronomical number, hitting somewhere between 1 million and 1.5 million. In February, in response to parliamentary inquiries, the Merkel government was forced to admit it that 130,000 refugees have slipped away and are now unaccounted for in Germany.

REFUGEE CRIME COVER-UP — The Merkel government, German police authorities, and the German media have engaged in a massive campaign of self-censorship and news suppression to hide the fact of an inordinate level of violent crime — including sexual crimes — committed by Muslim males. This collusion was forced into the open with the infamous mass rape/sexual assault wave in Cologne, Germany, on New Year’s Eve, 2016

These and numerous other precedents of prevarication, deception, and extreme political correctness — together with Merkel’s obstinate insistence on continuing her refugee “welcoming” program — have given Germans plenty of reason to doubt the government’s denials of the secret refugee flights.