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  1. This is a good idea. Pay for video clips of immams engaging in hate speech. If you stop and think about it, it is next to impossible to not do in Islam. Then you translate them and post them. This will show that truly, Islam is a faith of hate:

  2. And of course, NO CHRISTIAN will stand up and fight for his rights. While the pope kneels down to suck muslim shitty asses because he feels thats his Christian brotherly duty.

    • Ron I’m not sure if you are being provocative or precipitative. I think you are misreading the real Christians. There are many who own firearms and who know fairly well how to use them. If you realize that it was many unpolled (I personally do not do polls) Christians who stepped up and helped get Mr. Trump elected. We are watchful, mindful, and we will be once again be the “crusaders” with unashamed crosses on our banners. It is actually only the Christians who have the desire to destroy evil that will defeat izslime..

    • What kind of Christian are you?
      Orthodox, catholic or protestant?

      I am orthodox Christian and the pope is not our leader.
      We orthodox Christian views the pope as a false prophet.
      The Pope is catholic and only catholics worship the pope.
      Orthodox and protestant Christians views pope as a false prophet.

  3. Islamists in Canada and everywhere else are like fat professional homeless which sit, cough and soil the best WiFi rooms and areas in Public libraries. Remember the OIC regimes that bribe Pelosi, Schumer, McCain and Lindsey Graham do not want them.

  4. My estimate of the Muslim population living in the GTA (Peel district) would be some 20% Muslims. The Ontario government, the Greater Toronto Area mayors and school boards must now submit to avoid problems.

  5. The plans that (shiny pony) Turdeau has for CANADA are coming together.
    The question is. What are the proud CANADIANS of this country going to do about these plans?
    We need a…. CANADIAN TRUMP…..

  6. So blatantly one sided, it SHOULD become obvious that the nasty muzslime are being promoted above all else. Why more people are not literally up in arms over izslime is beyond me. I can’t understand soooo many people who prefer to have their heads in the sand…… Oh! it just came to me, maybe it so that they don’t have to fall so far when the damned evil muzslime slice them off?