PAT CONDELL on the abject stupidity of ‘Islamophobia Awareness Month’

Everyone knows there is no such thing as “Islamophobia,” yet it has been growing like a malignant tumor on Western society for some time now. Constantly being lectured by the media about poor downtrodden Muslims as “victims of Islamophobia” is enough to bring tears to your eyes…tears of laughter at the brazen effrontery of it.

Islamophobia is no more real than Naziphobia and there are a myriad of reasons to be afraid of both. Frankly speaking, an awareness month for Islam is a good idea but it should be renamed “Cultural Terrorism Awareness Month,” or even better, “Hatred and Violence in the Quran Awareness Month” because unlike Islamophobia, these are the tenets of Islam that should strike fear in people’s hearts.