The wearing of Muslim supremacist headbags (hijabs) is being pushed on Canadian little girls who aren’t Muslims

It’s one thing if oppressed Muslim women are forced by men to wear a headbag whenever they go out. But now Canadian children’s books written by radical feminazis are attempting to encourage the wearing of the misogynistic Muslim headbag on Christian girls. 

 The Rebel Tilt Your Head, Rosie the Red was written in 2015 by Rosemary McCarney, the former President and CEO of Plan Canada, who is now a Global Affairs representative to the United Nations. McCarney doubtless thought she was doing her bit to help Muslim girls find acceptance in Canada. But she is not helping Muslim girls who wish they did not have to wear the hijab, is she? No, the people she is really helping are virtue-signalling multiculturalist parents and teachers to feel that special glow of righteousness for buying this book and reading it to their children and students.