AUSTRALIA: Terrifying moment as a man is brutally kicked and trampled by African Muslim-looking thug in Melbourne

As the latest victim of ‘Sudden Jihad Syndrome,’ a man was attacked and violently kicked to the ground as he crossed a Melbourne intersection after he refused to give the thug $5. Melbourne has become a virtual NO-GO Zone if you aren’t a Muslim.

UK Daily Mail (h/t Sara S) The 51-year-old was walking along a darkened street in Dandenong, in south-east Melbourne, when his attacker demanded money.

When he refused to pay up, the thug – who was wearing a white shirt and is of African appearance – then became violent. He was then pushed down and repeatedly kicked before the aggressor stomped on his head, leaving the man bleeding on the ground.

The victim was left with cuts on his mouth and was bleeding from his head, but was able to find his way to a police station 300m away and receive medical attention from paramedics. On witness tried but failed to help the victim as he was trampled and booted by the offender each time he tried to get up.