“DIVERSITY” BURQA BARBIE Pop star Alicia Keys, forced to take down raunchy photo of herself in Muslim garb

In a recently-deleted Sunday evening tweet, Keys’ intended message of ‘diversity’ stirred Muslim outrage with a photograph depicting herself flashing her bare leg in a tight-fitting niqab/abaya, which Muslims see as mocking their misogynistic religion.

Infowars  Keys flashed her leg in the photo, a defiance of Islamic dress codes which often leads to brutal sharia penalties in some Muslim populations. With the photo, Keys included the usual leftist ode to ‘diversity’ crap sandwich.

The Twitter responses she got were interesting. Didn’t notice any death threats from Muslims though, probably because she is consider a “slut” by most Muslims.

Malak Al Shehri, the woman mentioned in one of the tweets, was arrested last year and sentenced to lashings in Saudi Arabia after sharing photos of herself on social media openly defying dress code.

Others pointed out that when zoomed in, it appeared the burqa was photoshopped onto a previous photo. Many commenters immediately informed her the tweet was out of line, with some accusing her of “glamorizing the submission veil.”

Ali Al Sharji, the “conceptual artist” behind the photo said he wanted to portray an “out of the ordinary” Arab woman. “My image was [meant] to portray the freedom an Arab woman has to pursue [for] a passion that is out of the ordinary,” Sharji said. (Freedom and Arab woman is an oxymoron)

Speaking of Saudi Arabia, the below video shows a Muslim man literally herding burqa-clad young women with a stick as they wait for their male guardians before being allowed to leave.

According to a Saudi feminist who posted the video on Twitter, it shows a high school guard fulfilling his duties, which include making sure the students are always fully covered and ensuring “women are caged until their guardians or drivers come.”

Meanwhile, another shocking video out of Algeria shows Muslims – both men and women – arguing that a man who doesn’t beat his wife isn’t a real man.

Infowars  “A real Algerian woman, if her husband doesn’t beat her sometimes, she’ll feel…it’s not manly, it makes me happy,” says one woman.

“When she angers me a lot, I beat her,” says another man, while another says it is acceptable to beat women when they cause annoyance. 60% of Algerian women think a husband has the right to beat his wife, according to a UNICEF study cited in the video.