FLORIDA: After a 4-year battle, outraged parents in Brevard County failed to get the excessive Islam-centric content of their school distict’s history textbooks removed

Brevard County parents have been have been fighting since 2013 to have the 36-page chapter on Islam in World History Books removed because it promotes Islam to the virtual exclusion of other religions, each of which barely gets a mention in the textbooks, let alone a whole chapter.

Florida Today  House Representative Ritch Workman and individuals from two citizens groups spoke against the textbook, Prentice Hall World History, at the Brevard School Board meeting Tuesday, citing examples of Islamic supremacist phrases and passages they believe show bias.  “Our children deserve facts and accuracy, not history being revised for our own failure or desire to not offend one culture or another.”

The textbook, which has been used in Brevard for the past 7 years, devotes a chapter to Islam, with sections including the rise of Islam and the building of the Muslim empire. Conversely, Christianity and Judaism do not have their own chapters and instead are referenced in paragraphs embedded in other sections.

The textbook in question could have been replaced in 2017, but after strong-arm pressure from designated terrorist group CAIR, the school board has decided to keep it. CAIR-Florida’s Central Florida Regional Director Rasha Mubarak, testified before the Brevard County School Board to block what they consider to be an Islamophobic group ‘ACT for America’s’ attempt to have Islamic Civilization purged from the school’s history courses.

Several American schools  have taken students to visit a mosque during their studies on Islam, but not to a church or synagogue or temple, since there is no formal study of Christianity or Judaism or anything other religion.

As reported in a press release this week from CAIR, Act forAmerica’s and parents efforts to replace the Islam-centric history books were defeated and the School Board voted to continue using the same history books without purging references to Islam and the Islamic civilization.

All this emphasis on Islam in public schools is the result of Common Core, whose major funder is the Islamic nation of Qatar. Trump has vowed to get rid of Common Core.

Designated terrorist group CAIR sent an unusual spokesjihadist to address the school board this week. Notice her tight-fitting pants and shirt and uncovered head…an obvious effort to make the school board think Muslims are just like normal Americans.


ATTENTION PARENTS! The U.S. Department of Education has developed an Islamic indoctrination program for public schools