GEORGIA: Muslim welfare whores are fighting the state because they don’t want to follow the rules of the state

Deadbeat Muslim parents teamed up with the ACLU (Anti-Christian Liberties Union) to sue the state to allow them to give their child the last name ‘Allah. (‘God’ in Arabic).

The Rebel  They want the surname to be “Allah,” even though the mother’s is Handy and the father’s is Walk. Under state law, a child is required to take the surname of one of the parents but rather than compromise, they’re taking it to court.

They want this surname because it’s “noble”, but what was stopping them from including Allah as one of the child’s given names? When pressed why Allah must be the daughter’s surname, the father, Bilal Walk told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that the unspoken reason for the Allah surname is unimportant, but apparently it’s important enough to launch litigation against the state of Georgia.

The couple somehow got away with naming their 3-year-old son “Masterful Allah.” The mother wants this naming mess cleared up ASAP because she’s expecting welfare Child #3 and wants the Allah surname for that one too, and until they get their daughter’s surname certified, she remains ineligible for Welfare, Medicaid and Food Stamps.

Yes, this family is dependent on state welfare yet are fighting the state because they don’t want to follow the rules of the state. They’ll take the money but don’t want the state’s rules and are bringing more babies into the world they apparently can’t support without financial assistance from the state.