MASS MUSLIM MIGRATION combined with Muslim overbreeding could mean the end of Britain as we know it in 20 years

The result of leftist-promoted ‘multiculturalism’ (which actually is a code word for ‘Muslimculturalism’) has been to welcome in a foreign army of civilization jihadists who are quietly taking over towns in and around London (forcing Londoners to flee to more rural areas) and turning the towns into ‘NO-GO Zones’ for non-Muslims.

One commenter on this video concludes: “The problem was atheists’ incessant attacks on Christianity creating a vacuum in the West that Islam was only too happy to fill. Christianity has historical relevance in the West. Islam does not, except as an enemy and aggressor. Islam must be relegated as a political ideology cloaked behind a religion that openly is at war with the West.” But by the time that happens, it might be too late to stop it.

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