IN BRITAIN, from now on, Islamic terrorist attacks will be called “Islamophobia Trigger Events”

According to acting UK metropolitan police chief Craig Mackey, there was an increase in Islamophobic hate crime (mainly name-calling, no dead Muslims) the day after the recent Westminster attack by a Muslim terrorist which killed five and injured many.

Daily Telegraph  Mackey reported the increase was relatively small:

“We saw a slight uplift in what we call Islamophobic incidents the day after the event but small and far smaller than we have seen in previous events,” he said.

Intrigued by this, Breitbart London sought further information:

Breitbart London contacted the Metropolitan Police press bureau for more information on the numbers behind this claim, and New Scotland Yard provided the following incident log:

  • Wednesday (day of incident): 2 Islamophobic incidents

  • Thursday: 10 Islamophobic incidents

  • Friday: 11 Islamophobic incidents

  • Saturday: 5 Islamophobic incidents

  • Sunday: 8 Islamophobic incidents

  • Monday: 3 Islamophobic incidents

The statement which New Scotland Yard sent along with its figures suggests the rise may not be due to a genuine increase in Islamophobia, but could instead be due to a “community engagement plan” which sees the authorities actively encourage Muslims to come forward with allegations following what they describe as “trigger events”.

How about that. A Muslim kills five people and it’s considered a “trigger event” useful in exposing anti-Islamic sentiment.

“Where we identify a possible trigger event that could result in more hate crime we instigate a community engagement plan to ensure those in communities who may be victims of hate crime know that we will not tolerate this kind of crime and that we encourage them to report this to the police,” they wrote.

The statement also revealed the sheer scale of the Met’s efforts to boost hate crime recordings – in line with official government policy – with some 900 specialists now focused on this area.

Every time there’s an Islamic terrorist attack in London, nearly 1000 officers swing into action to locate people who don’t like Muslims. Seems perfectly sensible.