SOMALI-born ex-Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali forced to cancel speaking tour in Australia because of security threats from Muslims

Renowned author and anti-Islam critic, Ayaan Hirsi Ali has pulled out of her visit to Australia due to security threats against her and the venues at which she was to appear. The organization hosting her – Think Inc – has been subject to harassment over her scheduled appearance for months.

The Rebel  Many of the threats and harassment came from the Council for the Prevention of ‘Islamophobia.’ They released a video in which a woman calling herself a “Muslim feminist” said security threats against Hirsi Ali  were an “opportunity for Hirsi Ali to rethink her position.” Or else!

Even worse, Hirsi Ali, a black woman, was accused of being a “white surpremacist.” Yes, Muslim women in a white-majority country, protected under western laws, democracy and human rights treaties, accuse a Somali born black refugee of white supremacy.