RUSSIA: New Muslim suspect emerges as possible suicide bomber who blew up subway train yesterday in St. Petersburg

The first bearded Muslim man identified on CCTV as the main suspect has handed himself in and insists he is innocent. Police now believe a suicide bomber with links to Islamic terrorist groups was behind the horrific attack that killed at least 11 and wounded 50, including children. Chechen Muslim terrorists and ISIS have been behind similar attacks in Russia. 

UK Daily Mail  A new photo of a different suspect (below) has now been released. Police in Russia now believe a suicide bomber, who has close links to radical Islamists, was behind the attack. He was described as being a 22-year-old Muslim from Kazakhstan and CCTV images of the suspect have been released.

One image shows a man in a red Parka jacket, wearing glasses and a dark green beanie hat and carrying a rucksack on his back. Another CCTV image shows the suspected suicide bomber walking along the street with both his fists clenched.

Despite initially issuing search warrants for two suspected terrorists, authorities believe the suspected suicide bomber was behind the attack and also have intelligence to suggest he planted a second explosive device (below) – disguised as a fire extinguisher – which was found and defused at a nearby station. 

Earlier today several Russian media outlets released the CCTV pictures of the bearded suspect (below), who was wearing a long, black top and a hat, blamed for causing the carnage. 

Tonight, it has emerged that the bearded man who was identified on CCTV as the main suspect, handed himself in to police and insists he is innocent. Detectives are putting the man through a lie detector test.   


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  1. So is Putin all talk or will he avenge the dead?
    These killers have supporters in the US government at all levels.

  2. We should not focus on Russia as a enemy, the real enemy is this Muslim crab, the western societies should stick together to wipe out this filth with military force. How long we take this, till it is to late? How many people have to die for this? I hope Putin take serious action to this terror attack to wipe this filth out in his country.

  3. RIP. Time to bomb the hell out of Muslims vermons. Any eye for an eye. This terror attack, is an attack leading up to Easter, one of the most holy times for orthodox Christians, more than Christmas.

  4. All muzslime all the time, murdering, terrorizing, brutalizing, cruel, hate filled , treacherous, deadly, young, old males mostly, but females too, DAMNED MUZSLIME!!!!!

  5. Yep. Thats what they do best kill innocent people, breed like rabbits and keep milking Europe. On welfare benefits, such disgusting evil animals!!

    • You are correct about lie detector tests. They can either be beaten or show incorrect positive responses since they work off physiological readings. A lot of sociopaths can easily “pass” a test while an innocent, but very nervous, subject will fail. It can, however, give a general guideline but in no way should guilt or innocence be based on it.

      Russians certainly waste no time. They are not concerned with being politically correct.