Why is out-of-work actress Lindsay Lohan wearing a Muslim ‘burkini’ in Thailand?

Lindsay Lohan, who has recently claimed to be studying Islam, is now opting for a full-body covering Islamic burkini as she set out for a paddleboarding session in Phuket, Thailand last week.

UK Daily Mail  Lohan’s head was covered with a black hood which also concealed her ears. The long tunic stopped midway down her thighs and was layered over some black pants with stirrups.  It was a novel new look for the star especially as the main religion practiced in Thaliand is Buddhism, NOT Islam. 

The actress has been vacationing in the country for two weeks and before that was in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates visiting family, according to her Instagram.

Lohan has become fond of Islamic headbags in recent months and has also revealed she’s been studying the Qur’an. She recently revealed she has finally found a sense of ‘solace’ in her life, after hitting the milestone age of 30 and embracing her spiritual side.

She explained: ‘Studying the Qur’an is something I found solace in, a religion where I found a lot of peace. (Apparently, she missed the parts about women being worth half a man, women needing 4 male eyewitnesses to prove she had been raped, wife beating, forced child marriage, etc.)

‘I have reached inside and I found what I want my intentions to be in the world… focusing on taking control of what I want out of life.’

‘You can’t just convert to a religion overnight – it’s a culture and practice [and] I don’t want to comment on something I haven’t finished’, she told the programme. Making a statement: Lohan covers her head and captions in Arabic in a recent Instagram:

Earlier this month, Lohan hinted she was releasing her own line of headscarves when she posted this image writing: ‘New Fashion Line coming soon …’