MONTANASTAN? Democrat Governor of Montana vetoes bill that would prohibit sharia law

Governor Steve Bullock vetoed a bill that would have banned sharia law and other foreign laws from being used in Montana courts  (sharia has been used multiple times in several states in court decisions involving Muslims), saying that the measure would “upend our legal system and debase what we stand for as Montanans and Americans.”

Montana Standarad (h/t BLR)   Montana was one of the 13 states considering legislation seeking to prevent the use of foreign law in state courts. While the bill’s focus was not on Sharia law, some supporters specifically spoke out against the religious law used in some parts of the Islamic world.

Some Republicans sided with Democrats in opposing the measure but could not block it from going to the governor.

Looks like there are a lot of ignorant apologists for Islam in Montana

“There is absolutely no need for this bill,” Bullock wrote in his veto message, adding that the proposal could add to the “nationwide surge in hate crimes.”

The bill was one of five on which the governor took action Thursday, and the only to get a veto. Including that measure, the governor has vetoed five bills outright – with an additional 50 waiting on his desk for action.

Bullock said he was disturbed that the ban, if he had signed it, could have been seen as an “endorsement for anti-Muslim sentiments and activity.”



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  1. God WARNS repeatedly in the Bible of false prophets!

    Matthew 7:15 BEWARE of the FALSE PROPHETS who come to you in SHEEP’S CLOTHING, but inwardly are RAVENOUS WOLVES

    ‘Christian’ Apostate Interfaith TRAITORS!


  3. This is insane. If true, what he is doing is unconstitutional. There can’t be any other law but U.S. law. This man needs to be kicked out. Dragged out!

  4. Another elected official who does not up hold our Constitution and is ignorant on sharia, RECALL THIS IDIOT, if an elected official cannot uphold our nations Constitution they do not need to be in office.

  5. I am sooo disappointed. Does this mean I should mark off Montana from possible places where we might move? Though I know the reality is that there really is no muzzslime free state at this point in time. Only idiots would support muzzslimes in any way, shape or form, and there are bleeding hearts everywhere.

  6. That does not sound like Montana. Hell, even here in Az under Muslum brotherhood lover McCain, we have banned Shariah law!
    Montanans need to boot Bullocks ass somewhere else, like Californistan. Or better yet, Sodom Arabbia.

  7. the snarky bastard has been a pain in ass for too long now ! we got the house and senate we got the majority who pushed hard to see this safeguard put in place , it was our wish to make sure or daughters and their daughters would always be secure under our laws not some fast talking muslim set up by them ass kissing dems when we are gone . WARNING To YOU MUSLIM Don’t Get no Ideas that include My State were going to make that piece of low life Governor who won by a split vote thanks to them stupid fool libertarians ride out of here on a mule with a broom stuck up his and by God you won’t be that lucky … Muslim

  8. That is exactly what I thought,Don.
    Bullock(s) said he was “disturbed”
    that the ban if he had signed it could
    have been seen as an endorsement
    for anti-muslim sentiments and
    activity.Who gives a shit?! Here we
    go again with the coddling of people
    who have no feelings to hurt. You’re
    “disturbed”,alright.Grow some balls
    and get some homework done there
    man.An endorsement for pro-muslim
    sentiments and activity is what you
    are going with instead?Don’t over-
    think this, they’ve probably figured
    you were going to sign it anyway. Don’t give them a happy surprise,you
    dumbshit.Sometime late in March
    in the Montana House,a vote passed
    56-44 for a bill to prohibit foreign
    sharia law in the US.What’s wrong
    with you?

  9. Did the people of Montana get to vote on this subject or is it just another deluded politician thinking he is God?
    At one time in the UK politicians went by their post bag to carry out what their constituents wanted. Now they state publicly that they will vote according to their own beliefs and ‘conscience’.

  10. Hey, Bullock, Sharia Law is hatred. Its not a hate crime to ban Sharia Law. You will be among killers. Have fun! Don’t think anyone will protect you from the killers (Muslim’s).

  11. “endorsement for anti-Muslim sentiments and activity.”
    And by NOT signing it the stinking pile of camel dung has TOTALLY ENDORSED a PRO muzslim agenda which, in a good nation, would place the damned enemy of America before a firing squad. Bullcock, is a declared enemy of the state and should be treated as such. Emma is Montana still your destination? My GOD what is wrong with our good nation? are we under judgement? is that why we have soooooo many utter fools in high places of government.

    • Yes , we are on our way to Montana. This governor better hold onto his drawers because I AM COMING FOR HIS SEAT!!! No bars hold! Fuck if I’ll let Caliphornia bullshit follow me! Been there. Done that. One has to at some point, hold the line. Not going to run all over the continent. There is no place to run from these asslifters. Time to take a stand!!! Take a stand, we will!! Viva Cristo Rey!!!

      • Emma de la Cruz me and the boys will back ya we been waiting for a smart young Constitutional Lawyer to talk for us one who is handy with a buffalo lance and a rifle off the back of a war pony to educate them lefties on who is running this outfit