San Diego public school district will create ‘safe spaces’ for Muslims while forcing non-Muslim students to learn about Islam

 In the San Diego Unified School District, public schools now will have to offer ‘safe spaces’ for Muslim snowflakes and indoctrinate all students with whitewashed (violence and hatred-free) lessons on Islam, provided by designated terrorist group CAIR.

Oh, lookie! CAIR has even gotten some liberal useful idiots to stand with “diversity” signs behind Muslims on the ground praying…oblivious to the fact that women and non-muslims are always relegated to the back when muslims are lifting their asses to allah

San Diego Union Tribune  CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) and the San Diego Unified School District collaborated on a “holistic” approach to anti-Muslim bullying that will likely be implemented this fall.

Administrators and teachers will have calendars showing Islamic holidays, students will learn more about the religion in social studies classes and safe spaces will be created on campuses for Muslim students as part of a multi-tiered approach to combat so-called “Islamophobia.”

Trustees on Tuesday voted 4-0, with board member Michael McQuary absent, to approve a plan to confront Islamophobia and bullying against Muslim students.

One of the first steps in the plan will be to distribute letters to staff members and parents addressing Islamophobia and identifying resources to learn about the religion and fight discrimination.  

District calendars will be reviewed to ensure Islam holidays are recognized, which Anjan said is important so schools will schedule campus events that also can be attended by Muslim families.

Schools also will review and vet materials related to Muslim culture and history in media centers and provide resources and material for teachers. Anjan said social studies lessons may include more information on prominent Muslims and their impact on history and other steps to promote a more ‘positive’ image of Islam.

You mean images like this?

Last July, the board directed the district staff to work with CAIR in developing a plan to address the issue.

Looking back to November 2015, Superintendent Cindy Marten said Tuesday that the issue of Islamophobia is even more important today. The district doesn’t have data on how many students are Muslim, but Anjan’s report to the board Tuesday included a breakdown of incidents of bullying for various reasons from July 1 to Dec. 31, 2016.

Counselors and teachers in schools and colleges throughout the county have said Muslim students are feeling anxious these days, but Anjan said he’s also seen more students wanting to work to create more peaceful campuses.

Trustee John Lee Evans said the issue of Islamophobia and bullying against Muslim is greater today than when the board first called for a plan to address the issue. “Now we have on a national stage where people openly discuss hatred and discrimination against various groups,” he said. We really need to redouble our efforts at a time like this.”

Tuesday’s meeting was attended by about 150 members of San Diego’s Muslim community, including Hanif Mohebia, executive director of the San Diego office of CAIR, who called the Tuesday night vote an important first step.

“If we do this right, San Diego Unified School District would be the leading school district in the nation to come up with a robust and beautiful anti-bully and anti-Islamophobic program,” he said. “I’m really happy we’re going toward the right direction. I am excited, but also careful and cautious because the work ahead is something we will all be responsible for.”



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  1. make no mistake, this is jihad against the people here as defined by the holy book of koran.

    it does give a platform for what responsible teachers should be teaching in the classroom. and that is the actual text of the koran; which promotes violence, domination, and submission of all other religion and people.

    teachers should show what kind of progress muslim/islamic nations have made since the year 1200. what cultural enrichment, and scientific ideas have flourished under islam what is the quality of life for women, minorities, and gays. do people flourish under islam or do they flee to western nations that they then seek to convert to be more like the islamic/muslim areas they fled from.

    those are the study areas a responsible teacher would cover.

  2. THis is straight PATHETIC!’ Why should Muslims be able to be treated like this when we can’t even make the sign of the cross or say prayers etc..Muslims SHOULD NOT GET SPECIAL TREATMENT IF CHRISTIANS CANT

  3. The Supreme ruled we don’t have to have our kids indoctrinated by Islam kick them out. Or get your Bible and go there and start reading Jesus scriptures out loud.

  4. There are no safe places for Salafist muslim brother terrorists even where they occupy a land area. Send all islamists straight to 72 old crones with dull razor blades.


  6. So glad that I’ll be out of Caliphornia next month!! Some of the poorest public schools in the US because rather than focus on math, science , history and literature, they waste resources on this crap! Then again, 50 percent of the students in Caliphornia are non English Speaking. Yeah. That’s just what they need, cair holding classes!! Teachers union not complaining? Buh-bye Caliphornia!!!!

  7. I HATE IZSLIME and I hate anyone who promotes defends or who fake loves them.!!! These “educators” are simply indoctrinators, who need to be REMOVED!!!!!

  8. The Satanist Department of Education Deeply Desire to give Great Glory and Honour to Islam’s Dark DEATH god

    and the Muslims who OBEYED BLOOD SOAKED Quran WAR commands to Attack and Mass Murder Hated Non-Muslim innocents in America

    The 3,000 Slaughtered Without Mercy on 9/11

    America’s young innocents in the Florida nightclub

    The Boston Massacre that was ALLOWED by the Obama regime to take place after Russia’s leaders warned America that the Muslim brothers were dangerous terrorists.

    The Fort Hood Massacre and others… We will NEVER Forget!

    The TERRIFYING Department of Education Chooses to give Great Glory and Honour to Islam’s Dark DEATH god and the Muslims who OBEYED BLOODTHIRSTY Quran WAR commands

    instead of Honouring our Very Kind and Generous Native American brothers and sisters who showed the English how to survive in the new land. God forever bless Native Americans!

    The First Thanksgiving | Single Story | Level 7 | By Little Fox

  9. “Safe place”for muzzies? What the Hell? These “safe places”for the islimy students, are perfect spaces to plot a new plan for the San Diego School district. (Like bombings, rapings, shootings,etc). The non-Muslim parents need to raise Hell about this insane indoctrination! I’d yank my kid out of that district so damn fast!

  10. Creeping sharia law is inevitable as long as we have these sanctuary cities where they can get away with this shit.
    If I were a parent I would be holding learning sessions for the parents on the dangers of Islam. What is wrong with the parents?

      • I think it’s the locals in Bangladesh.The people there are leeching on huge imports transiting from India! They are literaly leecher and wouldn’t do it so unless a Imam planned it in silence for their economy would face backlash on trading.Usually muslims dont want to attract attention on their market/assets with other “impure” things promoted through image. Bussiness in muslim world like that country so small could really be hardly affected by a image of their country.So, it was political as Islam is to the bones.

  11. Sick stoopid fookers, they just need to read the sick Quran to see how vile this BS is. Are they going to teach them how to steal trucks and plough into innocent people, another Muslim incident in Stockholm eye witness account said they were shooting from the truck beforehand

  12. They are going after the youngest who have not been taught any religion so now the powers that be teach them the false religion of Islam and next it will be about marrying at 6 years old or make sex slaves of them. Curse all who are supporting and implementing this foul religion.

  13. More of these ‘coexist’ idiots. Any parent with half a brain will dis-enroll their kid from another place that will ‘californicate’ them.

  14. Along with their mother’s milk, Muslim children are indoctrinated with MURDEROUS HATE for Jews and other Non-Muslim innocents.

    Muslim children embrace Terrible EVIL with Enormous Enthusiasm. Making even Muslim children Extremely Dangerous.

    Palestinian Children Taught to Hate Jews

  15. The DIABOLICAL Department of Education doesn’t want students to know that Islam is a BLOODTHIRSTY CULT.

    The innocent students are being Led Like Sheep to Future Slaughter.

    There’s nothing adorable about these EVIL Muslim Child Monsters:

    adorable palestinian kids taught to hate and stab and kill from early age

  16. the us needs to get rid of CAIR b/c muslims are kiddie perverts. you want these kiddie perverts around your children? they are probably involved in child sex traffic like some elite and one reason the globalist push muslim shit b/c they are also! islam is NOT compatible with christ! get rid of ’em and make it look like an accident.

  17. Religion should be outlaw. Sorry if we can not even have the 10 commandments nor the Lord’s Prayer can’t hand out Gideon Bible, then Islam should not be allow period. If these people want this they should go back from where they belong.

    • Sandra, Islam is NOT a religion! It’s a Military-Political CONQUEST BLOOD CULT dressed up in religious clothing!

      • I know Linda, but, many people don’t see that way. It is an ideology, brain-washing call it what you like. But, it is not Christianity. And then again many people have their own idea of what Christianity is.

  18. Where are the parents of these children and why are they putting up with this? I would yank my child out of there faster than you can say “Dhimmi”. Look into home schooling or getting together with other like-minded parents and set up a school (even if it is only one room like in days past). The muzzslimes must be ecstatic that we are allowing our young to be indoctrinated at such early ages. How much easier a total conquest will be!

    President Trump please look into this!

  19. There are many Muslim terrorist training camps all over North America and other non-Muslim countries.

    The Department of Education LIES and DECEIVES for their Greatly Adored MURDEROUS ISLAM and indoctrinates America’s students that Islam is a Wonderful ‘religion’ of Peace.

    It’s so much easier to Conquer Americans that way. They will NOT be prepared for the horrors coming to all nations that massively imported Muslims.

    Students will NOT be prepared whilst Muslim students prepare daily…

    Palestinian Kindergarten Children Taught To Kill and Kidnap Jews

  20. What happened to the “leftist,” “marxist,” “communist,” “democraps,” “mooslum” false palaber of seperation of church and state ? Huh, what happened to it ?
    Mooslums want go be a religion when they want it to be and seperation of church and state when they want to be an ethnicity or race, or a political party and ideaology when they declare so.
    Let a Christian, Messianic Christian or Jew try to have a Bible stidy, Torah study during CLASS hours and learn about these cultures, what plethora of culture they have contributed to mankind, their remarkable religions of Peace, Love, Charity as a opposed to a religion of Lying, Stealing, Mysogynistic practices, Slavery, Murder, Love of Blood and Blood shed, wimpering, ad. naiseum and that’s what’s happening to your children Parents of “1984”
    You are about too late to get involved and stop this outlandish perpetration of EVIL !!!

  21. Over a period of 1,400 years from the time Islam was invented, Hundreds of Millions of Christians, Jews and other NON-Muslim innocents have been Savagely Slaughtered by Muslims and offered up as BLOOD HUMAN SACRIFICES to the Muslim Death god.

    What is the price paid by Western leaders to sell their souls to the Devil and BETRAY Millions of non-Muslim innocents?

    “Killing Jews is worship that draws us close to Allah” – Hamas music video

  22. The School Board and the Filthy, Satanic Department of Education are GUILTY of TREASON.

    Their EVIL TREASON is Recorded in Heavenly Books that will be opened on Judgement Day.

    Betrayal is one of the Darkest and the Most Wicked things on earth.

    The Satanist Department of Education are teaching and indoctrinating impressionable children

    that the Dark DEATH god of the Violent, Military-Political BLOOD CONQUEST Cult of Islam is the True One True God.

    The Department of Education commit BLASPHEMY Against the HOLY ONE, our Glorious Creator!


  23. Just preparing themselves for the inevitable takeover. Ok here’s one for the record’s book police actually calling this one a terrorist attack: Not sure what to make of this. Is it not a terrorist attack because the police say it might be one or have they simply lost the songbook. Or will there be a retraction later when we learn it’s mental illness as we’ve come to expect.

  24. Where are all the Christian church
    leaders?!! The Lutheran clergy?!!
    Protestant?!! How about Baptist,
    Evangelical,Roman Catholic?!!
    Oh, that’s right.The pope is a traitor
    and some of these others were too
    busy getting paid to bring the muslims in to destroy the country
    by design.Everyone can’t possibly
    be accepting of this satanic phoney
    religion,can they?Where are all the
    followers of Billy Graham Jr, where
    are the new leaders,and the fighters?

  25. It is critical that students throughout the US learn about Islam. Since the US media fails to report accurately on Islam the responsibility falls on the schools. However, it must be age appropriate education. I feel that children should not be exposed to stoning, honor killings,pedophilia by Imams, execution of gays, disfiguring with acid etc. before they reach the age of 13 or 14.

    • CT, that’s the problem, they are NOT being taught the truth about Islam in schools. If they were I would be behind it 100%. Every time a teacher tries to present the truth, they get demonized.

    • If they taught the truth, teach them the importance of mohammad/Sunnah first. Then teach them the weird rules found in Sunnah that a good muslim must follow. Like how you can’t keep a dog as a pet. How dogs are considered “unclean” and that it’s haram keeping them inside the house or they’ll scare the angels away.

      Or how islam says everyone was born a muslim, that you can only enter the bathroom with your left foot, drink water only sitting down, or must clip your toe nails starting from the little toe of the right foot, etc.

      Then at some point, teach them that islam believes criticizing islam is haram for everyone and that charity (zakat/sadaqa) is only for those that don’t criticize islam.

      Exposure to weird rules first should prep them for the gory stuff.

  26. I agree with Carlson, we should all know something about Islam.

    Mostly we should all learn about the fundamental principles, the main one being to convert all the world to this false religion by violence against all who are deemed infidels!

  27. It would be great if parents in San Diego stood up to CAIR & Islam, but hell- it is California. Can’t expect much out of them.

  28. Why are we continually selling our heritage to accept the muslims they wouldn’t change to appease us.

  29. What the fuck are they doing to our kids! Even in the picture about, it seems more like a mass kamasutra class, than any kind of meaningful get together!

  30. ❓What about classes on the Torah❓
    The Jews have been “bullied” far more than the Muslims.