President Trump nominates new Secretary of the Army, eminently qualified, unlike his Obama-appointed predecessor chosen primarily because he was openly gay

President Donald Trump has announced Mark Green to be his pick for secretary of the United States Army. Green is a State Senator from Tennessee and a physician, and has been praised by Defense Secretary Mattis. Green is a West Point graduate and Army veteran who made three combat tours in the Middle East. Green’s military career began as an infantry officer and culminated as a rifle company commander in the famed 82nd Airborne Division. 

The Hill  “Mark will provide strong civilian leadership, improve military readiness and support our service members, civilians and their families,” Mattis said. If confirmed by the senate, Green would succeed Eric Fanning, who was the first openly gay secretary in any of America’s armed forces.

Green’s military career began as an infantry officer and culminated as a rifle company commander in the famed 82nd Airborne Division. Green served in the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment where he made three combat tours to the Middle East and served as a former special operations flight surgeon, the emergency physician during Operation Red Dawn in 2003, which captured Saddam Hussein.  Green was the first person to interrogate Hussein following his capture.

He is also the chief executive officer of Align MD, which provides leadership and staffing to emergency departments and services to hospitals, the White House added. 

“His military awards include the Bronze Star, the Air Medal, the Air Medal with ‘V’ device for valor under heavy enemy fire, and numerous other medals for service,” the White House said. The 1986 West Point graduate left the military in 2006 and in 2009 founded Align MD, an emergency department staffing company that provides staffing services at 47 hospitals in nine states.

Obama, in a historic first, has chosen to nominate Eric Fanning to lead the Army, a move that would make him the first openly gay civilian secretary of one of the military services. 

Fanning, who strongly advocates allowing openly transgender persons to serve in the military, has no record of military service. More emphasis is being put on diversity and sexual orientation than fighting our enemies and keeping us safe with battle-tested leadership.  

The Blaze  Fanning was already the highest ranking openly gay member in the Department of Defense.  He served as acting under secretary of the Army for a short time and previously served as special assistant to Secretary of Defense Ash Carter.

The American Military Partner Association, a non-profit group that bills itself as the largest organization advocating for LGBT service members and veterans, applauded the decision.

“We are thrilled to see Eric Fanning nominated to lead the world’s greatest Army,” the group’s president, Ashley Broadway-Mack, said in a statement. “History continues to be written and equality marches forward with the nomination of an openly gay man to serve in this significantly important role.”

“Fanning’s expertise and knowledge within the defense community together with his sensitivity to issues faced by LGBT service members and their families is why we urge the Senate to move quickly to confirm his appointment,” Broadway-Mack added.

No one would have had a problem with a gay man being Secretary of the Army if it wasn’t just a politically correct appointment.  And therein lies the problem.