STOCKHOLM SYNDROME 2.0: The new and improved version following another Muslim terrorist attack in Stockholm

Instead of staging massive protests against a government that has flooded their country with Muslim freeloaders, rapists, and jihadists who want to kill them, the people of Sweden come out to build a “heartbreaking wall of flowers and candles” in response to the latest Islamic terrorist attack in Stockholm. At the same time, politicians and the media fall all over themselves trying to convince people that Islamic terror has nothing to do with Islam.

Stockholm Syndrome dates from 1973 when hostages in a bank robbery in Sweden fell prey to a psychopathology which caused them to bond with and side with their attackers.

Kinda like what Sweden, “the most generous little country on Earth!” has been doing in response to its government’s wholesale importation of an alien culture, one antithetical to Sweden’s historic tolerance. One which scoffs at and tramples on respect for women, protection of children, and civil order.

Now that more civilians have been murdered in the latest truck jihad attack, we have a laboratory in which we’ll be able to see how Stockholm Syndrome plays out if the situation continues to its logical, inevitable conclusion: Justification of the murderer’s actions. As in all cases of abuse, protestations that the victims somehow deserved and invited the violence.

John Guandolo, a former FBI counter-terrorism specialist turned private consultant to law enforcement, said “100 percent of these attacks are being conducted by people who identify themselves as Muslims waging jihad in the cause of Allah in order to establish an Islamic State (caliphate) under sharia (Islamic law).”

Since the Islamic references the jihadis use constitute doctrinal Islam, it can only be deduced by any rational mind that Islam is the problem, he said. As European leaders regurgitate the lie that these attacks have ‘nothing to do with Islam’ and side with the enemies of liberty, European nations will get more death and bloodshed.

“Stockholm Syndrome” occurs when ‘hostages’ form an emotional or psychological bond with their captors. But there’s a new kind of Stockholm syndrome that occurs when victims of terror defend the ideology that promotes terrorist attacks.