Remember the dog killed in the Islamic terrorist truck attack in Stockholm?

Now we know who he is. The dog killed in the Stockholm attack has since been identified as ‘Iggy’. Iggy was a rescue dog from Dublin, re-homed in Stockholm by an animal sanctuary called Dogs Aid.

Iggy in right hand corner

BBC  (h/t GSpellchecker) An image showing a memorial for a dog killed in central Stockholm when a lorry rammed into people has drawn attention online after it was posted on Facebook. Four people – a British national, two Swedes and one Belgian – were killed in the attack on Friday.

Markus Krantz, 37, and his girlfriend who live just north of the capital went to the scene of the attack after it was re-opened to the public, and noticed that nothing was there to recognise the death of the dog called Iggy.

When it came to light that Iggy was a rescue dog, Markus returned to the scene and left the dog flowers and a message on their behalf. The original image posted by Markus on Saturday from the scene of Iggy’s death – which has over 48,000 reactions – shows dog crackers, candles and a collar that belonged to his dog Ebba who died in 2016.

Markus told the BBC that he and his girlfriend heard that a dog had been killed but were unable to find anything where Iggy last walked that specifically recognised the dog. 

“We decided to put down flowers and dog crackers, and light a candle,” he said. As word of this spread online, a lot of other people came to lay flowers and other tributes to Iggy.

Following this, Markus discovered that Iggy was a rescue dog from Dogs Aid Animal Sanctuary in Dublin. Markus currently has five dogs, all rescued from Romania. Dogs Aid asked Markus to return to the site and leave a message on their behalf: “Iggy Run Free, from all ur friends in Dogs Aid in Dublin.”

On Facebook, the sanctuary said: “We are deeply saddened to learn that one of our dogs was killed in the terrorist attack in Stockholm. DOGS AID IGGY found his beautiful home in Sweden in 2012.”

Rest in peace, Iggy (below).


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  1. See you on the other side of the rainbow bridge Iggy… Say hi to my girl Molly.

    God I hate Moslem’s in White Nations.

  2. Also, that is really touching, how someone thought of respecting the life of the dog with that memorial. It deserves the right to be acknowledged too, well done. That is what it is to be human, to value life.

  3. I personally prefer animals to people anyway, but even one so called lowest rank of one, is worth more than a million muslims.
    They live to spread hate and death, the exact OPPOSITE of what they and their leftist slaves preach.

    RIP Iggy
    I like to believe in reincarnation, so perhaps many of those lives that have been cut short, might be reborn again one day.

  4. Kudos to the Swedish couple who set up the memorial. Very heart-warming that Iggy was noticed and honored. May her spirit now leave in peace.

  5. This one poor dog called IGGY is worth more than all the miserable violent Muslim Vermin that crawl upon our world…Muslims are Satans spawn for sure..And for all those idiots with their Teddy Bears and Flowers,Songs and empty political speeches..the dead do not want your bullshit they want REVENGE.

    • Ozgaza, I agree with your comments. Iggy has left a better, more innocent, legacy than Muslims are capable of doing.

    • Or to donate to politicians that are anti-immigrant. Good idea about using that money more productively, Don.

  6. Just a beautiful story. These are truly wonderful people who set up the memorial. Now Iggy’s soul can leave in peace.

  7. This is all sad.. Unnecessary..Even a treasure like Iggy..I remember the dogs having noses and ears cut off by Muslims..Even in America with out any Anastasia..Or those injected with chemicals​ screaming in pain dying..We need to look evil in the face an stop this.. Innocent humans walking their dog an evil using a truck killing them..God is not happy with evil doers.Bless this pet an those injured an killed. now it time for this country to do more than light candles or leave flowers.

  8. Iggy..may you be remembered as a beautiful creature from G_d: struck down by the hideous tools of satan. >Muslims

  9. So sad. I’d trust a dog over a Muslim anytime. When will the free world wake up to whats happening. Enough of the BS flowers and crap about nothing to do with Islam. It has everything to do with Islam.

  10. Poor dog. But I’d like to know about the killed & wounded too. These foreign Muslum attacks are hushed up. They figure, the less said about it, the better for Muslums.
    In the US, a lot was publicized about the 9/11 & the Boston victims. Not much after that.