FRANCE: Arson attack against Marine Le Pen’s Front National headquarters

A building housing the campaign headquarters of leading French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen in Paris has been targeted by an arson attempt. Those who reportedly took responsibility or the incident vowed to continue such acts ‘every day until the elections.’


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  1. All support for M. Le Pen. If the French majority do not elect M Le Pen then they deserve to lose their country to the mus slum invaders. M. Le Pen will bring back law and order and her first act will be to drain the swamp and start deporting mus slum monsters. God Bless Le Pen and give her victory.

  2. My support for you, hope you turn back France and remove every Muslim

    Do as Russia had with Circassians under the Tsar

  3. This bares the mark of AFA (Anti Freedom Aktion) also known as (Anarchists with a Fascistic Agenda). Those traitors of humanity must be stopped by any means before history repeats itself, its seconds to midnight in Europe by now.

  4. Whoa, just like Trump headquarters in 2016. Got good chills for France! I’m guessing LePen is going bomb Le **** out of IsIs!

  5. Theres a lot of evil in France now. The French should be very concerned as this is an attack on their democratic rights. Lefties and Muslims are very evil indeed

  6. Can this be considered terrorist attack by turkish fans throwing flares against french fans?!
    PS. Plenty of incidents caught before and after the match on videos put on youtube. Free comunity service, no cost!

  7. I’m surprised this didn’t happen sooner. Worse is likely to come, including assassinations attempts, perhaps an assault similar to the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

  8. Marine Le Pen needs her own police force or a large contingency of the French military need to go after these damned disruptors, shoot them if need be, probably a lot of the filth are MUZSLIME who need to be DEAD anyway.