NORTH CAROLINA: More useful idiots for Islam demonstrating their ignorance at a Charlotte church

The Grove Presbyterian Church is in a state of denial, apparently oblivious to the ongoing genocide of Christians being carried out by Muslims around the world – as many as 100,000 per year. Christians are being tortured, slaughtered and/or driven out if they refuse to convert to Islam or become ‘dhimmi’ slaves of Islam.

Charlotte Observer  Kate Murphy was driving to work in East Charlotte not long ago when she saw a car that looked like it had some words painted on it. She pulled up for a closer look and saw that yes, they were words. But they were more than words. They were anti-Muslim slurs.

This was back in February, shortly after the Donald Trump administration had issued its first executive order banning people from seven Muslim countries from entering the United States. That order, you remember, was struck down in court and scorned by many. But plenty of people also thought it was exactly what the country should do.

“There was so much being said that troubled me,” said Murphy, who is pastor of The Grove Presbyterian Church. So one weekday morning, after talking with church members, she decided to put up a sign in the church’s front yard. 

“We love our Muslim neighbors,” it said simply, in big and colorful letters that faced W.T. Harris Blvd.

It was, Murphy says, an affirmation that she’d done the right thing. “As churches, we really do have the power to do something to change the conversation,” she says.