ANOTHER VEHICLE JIHAD? Car ploughs into group of people on sidewalk in Mallorca

A MUSLIM driver of Northern African background (Morocco) drove onto the pedestrian walk at a main traffic road in Palma. Five people who were waiting at a bus stop were injured. Police hesitate to call it terrorism even thought the driver was a Muslim.

VladTepesBlog  The driver of the vehicle was arrested. He is being charged with battery and endangering the safety of the traffic. Word is that according to police, the young driver of Moroccan nationality lost control over the car. (Sure he did) The car came to a stop at the outer wall of a branch bank. Islamic State calls for this kind of attack specifically.

Panic broke out immediately after the accident at the scene of the accident at the Avenida Alejandro Rosselló near the central Plaza España. Police started a large scale operation to get the situation under control quickly. Initially, there is no information about the backgrounds of the accident which occurred around 10 AM CET.

According to Spanish Media reports, the police are now investigating if it is a simple traffic accident, or if terrorist motives could lie behind the incident.

One of the victims suffered grave injuries. Ultima Hora tweets that the injured are four tourists from the Northwestern Spanish region Galicia, all of them old age pensioners, and one young person from Palma.



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  1. Where is the west outrage? Outrage is only when they accuse Assad and show his alleged crimes, but they hide what ISIS and the “rebels” do to their own people , Christians, and other religious minorities. Their goal is to get rid of Assad and create another Libya, Iraq with regimes ruled y sunnis.It breaks my heart all this violence against the innocent…

  2. He is innocent it is the fault of the kuffar for jumping into the path of the mus slum car. The injured need to be arrested for blocking traffic and for littering the streets with their bodies and so on. Oops the car is at fault too. It is never the mus slum’s fault. ‘NOT’.

  3. People from Galicia are called Gallegos (guy yeah’ goes) …. it’s easier to say than Galicianos ?

  4. PROTECT our people, you Traitors! Deport Muslims!

    British and European leaders are calm, peaceful and happy, content that they will never be attacked by trained Muslim terrorists because they are the ones who import terrorists along with the regular soldiers of warlord Mohammad.

    Muslims who lived in Britain and countries in Europe who left to fight with ISIS barbarians and returned to Britain and Europe are happily received by our leaders after the savages perpetrated satanic atrocities, beheadings, mass barbaric murders, tortures, gang rapes and sex slavery.

    Our leaders are evil.

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