Why is it that male converts to Islam always seem to be among the most violent of Muslims?

Something about converting to Islam drives these new Muslims to want to prove how devout they are by demonstrating their dedication to the teachings in the quran…especially the teachings that call for violence against unbelievers.

1) Colleen Hufford, a 54-year-old grandmother and factory worker was beheaded and another woman nearly beheaded in their workplace by a man, Alton Nolen (below) who converted to Islam in a U.S. prison 

2)  NYPD officer Kenneth Healey, 25, was axed to death with a hatchet to the side of the head. He was not attacked by a “lone wolf,” but by ex-con Zale Thompson (below) who had converted to Islam in prison.

3) In April 2010, Larry James (below)murdered his mother, pregnant wife, 7-month-old son, 3-year-old niece and 16-year-old niece for refusing to convert to Islam. James converted in 2007, while in a U.S. prison.

4) It has now been definitively established that Esteban Santiago (below), who opened fire in the baggage claim area of the Fort Lauderdale Airport on January 6, 2017, murdering five people, was a convert to Islam who took the name Aashiq Hammad, downloaded jihadist material and recorded himself singing the Islamic confession of faith. 

5) On October 31, 2013, a Jewish convert to Islam, born Joseph Cohen, Yousef Khattab, (below) pled guilty to trying to incite violence through his website, ‘Revolution Muslim.’ Khattab was previously featured in The Third Jihadwhere he openly stated his desire to see America brought under sharia law. His postings tried to incite Muslims to carry out acts of violence against Jews and the website was openly supportive of Al-Qaeda and other terrorists.

6) Israeli Jewish convert to Islam held on suspicion of seeking to join ISIS in Syria.

Haaretz  Belarus-born Jewish father of five said to have bought one-way ticket to Turkey, planning to cross to Syria, Shin Bet says. Mazalewski immigrated to Israel from Belarus in 1996. According to the Shin Bet, he converted to Islam in 2000 after meeting his current spouse, an Israeli Arab from Shibli, during his army service.

The Shin Bet said that Mazalewski was active in online forums of ISIS supporters, where he expressed his intentions of leaving for Syria and attempted to coordinate his arrival with members of the group. 

7) Israeli Jewish Convert to Islam Arrested in Connection to Car-ramming Attempts

Haaretz David Alfasi was sought for trying to run over Israeli security forces on March 5 and knocking down a guard ten days later.  Police said they arrested a 54-year-old Israeli man who converted from Judaism to Islam as the suspect in two separate attempted car rammings at West Bank checkpoints in early March.

The man, David Alfasi, a former Tel Aviv resident, is married to a Palestinian Muslim woman and lives in Tul Karm. He was turned over to the Israeli authorities by the Palestinian police after he was caught attempting to smuggle produce across one of the checkpoints.

The police then realized that Alfasi was the suspect they had been seeking for an attempt to run over a policeman and a security guard at one of the checkpoints near Tul Karm on March 5th.