HAMAS caught using two Gaza Muslim sisters crossing into Israel for cancer treatment to smuggle in explosives

Once again, Hamas has used an Israeli humanitarian gesture to attempt a terror attack.

JTA  The Muslim sisters were approved for entry into Israel so that one could receive free life-saving treatment for her illness. According to the Shin Bet statement, a preliminary investigation showed that the explosives were sent by Hamas be used in a terrorist attack on Israeli targets in the “near future.”

The explosives, used in the production of homemade bombs, were hidden in tubes carried by the women labeled “medical materials,” the Shin Bet security service said in a statement issued Wednesday evening, hours after the women were stopped at the Erez Crossing. 

The incident “attests to the ongoing efforts by terrorist organizations based in the Gaza Strip, especially Hamas, to exploit Israel’s humanitarian initiatives and the medical assistance that it provides to residents of the Gaza Strip, in order to perpetrate attacks in Israel,” the Shin Bet said.

Defense Ministry Crossings Authority Director Brig.-Gen. (ret.) Kamil Abu Rokon praised the Erez Crossing security inspectors for thwarting the smuggling bid. “To our regret, it has been proven again that Gaza Strip-based terrorists are continuing their efforts to exploit the humanitarian channel in order to carry out attacks in Israel,” he said in a statement. “The security inspectors acted exactly as expected, with exemplary professionalism.”

 This is not the first time something like this has happened. A few years ago, a Palestinian woman who had received several weeks of costly and successful free treatment in an Israeli hospital, returned to the hospital for a follow-up appointment wearing a suicide belt. She was apprehended before she could blow herself up.


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  1. NO humanitarian aid to Muslimes! Israel should know better. They are just giving them more chances to attack!
    Humanitarian aid is for Humans. Muslimes are Subhuman, Slimes.

  2. A rabid dog will bite the hand of the person who tries to feed it. The snake will bite the person who tries to save it. It is in the inbred nature fueled by the coran’s evil instructions that is part of the problem that is islam. A lady who had been helped and where her child was saved by the Israel doctors said that she would come back and blow up the hospital if she had a chance. We need to heed the messages from Churchill so long ago about the dangers that are still islam and always will be islam.

  3. Why does Israel keep doing this WHY, I have as much sympathy for the hospital who was treating the lady for free being potentially attacked by the deranged bitch as I do for tourists who get attacked while holidaying in an islamic country, they medically treat a savage who hates them then they complain when their safety is put at risk, doh! Israel needs to BAN this ‘humanitarian’ practice period. There is nothing humanitarian about treating hatemongering savages, I’m sure there’s plenty of Israelis need treatment or christian refugees from slimes ridden lands, treat THEM

  4. These people really are the scum of the earth. If I was Bibi I would cancel all humanitarian relief to the Palestinians and starve the bastards out.

  5. Let them die with their diseases. They are unworthy of help. I am sure that they have plenty of Muslim ‘Doctors’ who learned their ‘science’ from Islam.