CANADA: Bleeding heart leftist shocked to find the word “Mosque” spray painted on the outside of an outhouse

Tyler Johnstone, 28, said: “It’s just disgusting. Whoever wrote that… you should be disgraced…you deserve to be at the bottom of that toilet. I’m not going to let your stupidity be seen by anybody driving by.”

inews880  Johnstone was driving on Highway 16 through Jasper National Park when he spotted the word “mosque” spray painted in bright yellow on the side of an outhouse in a rest area. He drove past the vandalism, but what he saw bothered him too much to ignore it. (Bet he would have ignored it if it said “church” on the side)

On the other hand, the quran actually is a pile of excrement. And since Muslims need to wash their feet and other orifices before they pray, a toilet mosque could be considered a ‘twofer.’

He said the the implication of the outdoor bathroom being a place of worship gave him a sick feeling.  He originally planned to scrape the paint away but was worried about causing further damage to the building. “So I covered it up with some tape and then let Parks Canada know it was there,” he told Global News.

Johnstone was on a work call when he spied the grafitti but said “he was sure they wouldn’t mind that I took 20 minutes to do this.”