WAS IT A MUSLIM? Panic in Paris as “knifeman” threatens police at Gard du Nord train station

Hard to tell if he’s Muslim because they blurred his face, but he appears to be North African. Armed police arrested the man at Gare du Nord station after he threatened officers with a knife causing passengers to panic before he was arrested.

“Knifeman” is the one in jeans flanked by police

UK Express  The SNCF spokesman said the man had approached gendarmes patrolling the train station. He was told to lie down and followed the orders before he was arrested. Nobody was injured in the incident. 

A witness told Reuters the incident caused chaos as passengers tried to flee the scene.  Trains have been delayed at the station as armed police led the suspect away. 

Passengers leave bags behind and flee the scene

Passengers have been held on the Eurostar platform as police carry out security checks. Images from the scene show luggage scattered across the station as panicked passengers ran away from the scene. 

Passengers waiting for Eurostar services reported chaos and confusion at the station with check-in temporarily suspended as trains slowly return to normal. 

It comes amid heightened security after a policeman was killed and two others injured in Paris on Thursday night in an attack on the Champs Elysees.