MINNESOTASTAN: First Somali Muslim legislator says “Life Insurance companies should NOT be allowed to deny payouts to beneficiaries of Muslim terrorists who die or are killed while attacking Americans”

Calling herself a “devout Muslim,” Ilhan Omar, 34, was sworn into office on a quran, the content of which is diametrically opposed to virtually everything in the U.S. Constitution, including women’s rights and freedom of religion. In a state with a very large Muslim population, it is no surprise that this community organizer upset a 44-year incumbent Democrat in the Minnesota state primary elections to become the nation’s first female Muslim state legislator.

WND  On Thursday, Omar made her mark in another way. She was one of only two members of the Minnesota State House to vote against a bill that would allow life insurance companies to deny payouts to the beneficiaries of terrorists who die in violent attacks on Americans. The House voted 127-2 to pass the bill, which now moves on to a vote in the State Senate.

The bill says: A bill for an act relating to life insurance; limitation on payments to beneficiaries of persons furthering terrorism; amending Minnesota Statutes 2016, section 61A.09, by adding a subdivision.

Muslim ‘drama queen’ Omar also opposed a bill aimed at stopping a form of financial protest against Israel for unfounded human rights abuses passed the Minnesota House Thursday night. The “Israel Boycott Ban” bill — HF400 — would ban the state of Minnesota, including Minnesota colleges and universities, from contracting with vendors boycotting Israel.

Omar, who represents the heavily MUSLIM immigrant Cedar Riverside area of Minneapolis, was joined by fellow Democratic Rep. John Lesch of St. Paul in voting against the bill.

Omar’s vote sticks out because at least 42 Somali refugees have been confirmed by the FBI to have left the U.S. to join overseas terrorist organizations, including al-Shabab, the al-Qaida affiliate in Somalia, and ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

Dozens of other Somali-Americans have been tried and/or convicted of providing material support to overseas terrorists.

Omar didn’t waste any time accusing President Trump of being a “dictator” for wanting to keep Americans safe from the kind of people who come from her native country with the intention of doing us harm and living off welfare.

The Minneapolis-St. Paul area is home to the nation’s largest Somali Muslim refugee community, with other significant Somali communities in St. Cloud, Willmar, Owatonna, and Austin, Minnesota. Somali Muslim refugees are also concentrated in Columbus, Ohio; Seattle; Atlanta; San Diego; Fargo, North Dakota; and in smaller cities across Colorado, Maine, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia and Texas.

Below is a Somali Muslim refugee family of 14 that collects welfare in Lewiston, Maine. Around 98 percent of Muslim asylum seekers during this refugee crisis will not work.

Unlike Ilhan Omar, most Somali Muslim refugee women do not work except for breeding large families. Before she was elected Omar was an activist who often lobbied the Minneapolis City Council on Muslim and progressive issues.

Since her election as a legislator, Omar has:

  • Visited her native Somalia (at taxpayer expense?) to push for women’s leadership, raising the question of why Somali “refugees” are still pouring into the U.S. and other Western countries if the country is safe enough for former refugees to return and lobby the government for pet causes.

  • Traveled to Washington, D.C., in December for a reported White House visit when she made a Facebook post complaining about a cab driver who taunted her with “sexist and Islamophobic” comments. She said he threatened to pull off her hijab and called her “ISIS,” yet she never filed a police report.  In response to an inquiry on her Facebook page, Omar said she planned to file a report once she returned to Minneapolis, adding that she did not feel safe enough to say anything at the moment. The reply did not say whether the report would be with police, the cabdriver’s employer or possibly a civil rights organization.”