It’s time to put an end to this far left media witch hunt against Donald Trump’s Senior Advisor, Sebastian Gorka

Dr. Sebastian Gorka has been under relentless and libelous attacks as an alleged Nazi sympathizer by the far, far, far left Jewish media, Forward, as well as the far left American media and their useful idiots at designated terrorist group CAIR. 

Please read the link in the Twitter post below and support this courageous and brilliant Trump advisor.

Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR has been retweeting these lies about Sebastian Gorka, whom they call an “Islamophobe,” virtually everyday:

Breitbart News, founded and still run by many Jews, sets the record straight about Sebastian Gorka

Breitbart  The media, and the left in general, are attempting to smear former Breitbart editor Sebastian Gorka, who serves as Deputy Assistant to the President of the United States, as a Nazi sympathizer.

As any of his Breitbart News colleagues could testify, Gorka is not only pro-Israel but “pro-Jewish,” and defends both against the threat of radical Islamic terrorism.

But facts do not matter to the left and the mainstream media in their efforts to frighten the public and harass the administration.

The ridiculous accusation is based on a medal that Gorka was seen wearing at an inaugural ball. Eli Clifton of the LobeLog blog wrote on Sunday that Gorka “has appeared in multiple photographs wearing the medal of a Hungarian group listed by the State Department as having collaborated with the Nazis during World War II.”

Clifton notes that the medal is associated with a military order, the “Hungarian Order of Heroes, Vitezi Rend” created after the First World War.

He goes on to speculate (wrongly — see below) that the medal could have been won by Gorka’s grandfather. The order, he adds, was later associated with Hungary’s Nazi-aligned government during the Second World War, and later banned by the Soviets. But Clifton notes: “The order was awarded to members of the Hungarian diaspora and individuals in Hungary since 1983.”

Clifton does not bother to report why the order was awarded then, or even why the “Hungarian diaspora” existed in the first place; he shows no interest in the order as an anti-communist symbol, merely noting that the Soviets banned it.

And of course Clifton offers no evidence — none at all — that Gorka, or his antecedents, had any kind of empathy for the Nazi regime or its views.

Clifton could have consulted Gorka’s book, Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War, to know more about his background. His father grew up during the Nazi siege of Budapest and later joined the anti-communist resistance. He was betrayed by Kim Philby, a British double agent for the Soviet Union, arrested and tortured.

Talking Points Memo, while echoing Clifton’s false attack on Gorka, notes that it was Gorka’s father who won the award, which by then was an anti-communist symbol: “Gorka’s late father, Paul, fled Hungary for the United Kingdom during a failed 1956 revolt against the Soviet-imposed government. The flyleaf of Paul Gorka’s book ‘Budapest Rising’ identifies him as a recipient of the Order of Vitéz ‘for his bravery during the Resistance’” — i.e. the resistance against Soviet communism, which Gorka discusses in his book.

Ironically, when Eli Clifton was at the left-wing Center for American Progress, he himself was involved in a damaging scandal about antisemitism at its ThinkProgess blog in 2011-2012. At the time, the Jerusalem Post noted: “The Simon Wiesenthal Center, the Anti-Defamation League and the American Jewish Committee have all termed the anti-Israeli rhetoric of Jilani and fellow CAP writers Eli Clifton, Ali Gharib, Matt Duss and Ben Armbruster to be infected with Jew-hatred and discriminatory policy positions toward Israel.”

So it is unclear why Clifton’s false accusations of Nazi ties are being treated as credible. (Clifton is now a reporter at the Nation Institute, a non-profit associated with the left-wing magazine.)

Clifton’s slander was picked up by the Southern Poverty Law Center, retweeted by Chelsea Clinton, reiterated by left-wing publications like Talking Points Memo, and elevated by mainstream sources like the Times of Israel and Ron Kampeas of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. None bothered to check the underlying claim of Gorka’s alleged Nazi sympathies.