Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit…British Jews are abandoning (far left) Labour Party in droves

Despite their traditional left-leaning loyalty, just 8.5% of Jews in Britain plan to vote for the Labour Party in the upcoming general election in Britain this year.

Times of Israel  Prominent far-left Jewish Labour Party activist Robert Philpot said that “many of the bonds between the [Labour] party and Britain’s Jews have snapped.”

“While historically the party held close ties with Jewish voters, it has lost support for appearing to be anti-Israel. With Jeremy Corbyn (below) at the helm, that’s set to get worse,” Philpot, who is a director of the extremist leftist “Progress” lobby, said.

“American Jews have remained, alongside African-Americans, one of the Democratic party’s most loyal constituencies,” Philpot continued. Britain’s Jews, however, have long since become detached from their traditional moorings on the political left.

Difficulties for Labour in the community were compounded by the fact that virulent opposition to Israel was one of the hallmarks of the hard left, while attacks on the Jewish state became a mainstay of debates in many local parties.

Of course, Jewish voters do not vote on the single issue of Israel and many voted for Margaret Thatcher three times. Tony Blair may, as one former aide put it, have purged his party of its “anti-Israelism,” but his commitment to education, emphasis on the values of community and reciprocal responsibility, and desire to rid Labour of its knee-jerk hostility to entrepreneurialism, all resonated with many Jews.

Nonetheless, the period since Labour’s loss of office seven years ago has snapped many of the bonds between the party and Britain’s Jews.

Worse, however, was yet to come: as anti-Semitic attacks in Britain doubled, Labour remained inexplicably silent for four months. Shortly after, Miliband burned his final bridges with many Jews, whipping his MPs to back a parliamentary vote, proposed by Labour backbencher Grahame Morris endorsing unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state. (In 2014, Morris compared the Israeli army to IS; he is now a member of Jeremy Corbyn’s Shadow Cabinet away on sick leave.)

Jeremy Corbyn’s hostility to Israel is deeply entrenched. As Dave Rich wrote in his recent book, The Left’s Jewish Problem: Jeremy Corbyn, Israel and Anti-Semitism,” he came of age politically during the era of decolonization. Rich argued that to Corbyn’s generation of leftists, Zionism is “a racist, colonialist ideology, and Israel an illegitimate remnant of Western colonialism in the Middle East.”

Edgar1981  Over a third of its MPs in Parliament are committed to the total destruction of Israel and actively push for a total boycott of Israel to achieve this aim.

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