UK: SNOWFLAKE MELTDOWN over tweet about Muslim terrorism by controversial commentator Katie Hopkins

Outraged Londoners are calling for Katie Hopkins to be investigated by police over a string of tweets she posted after a suspected terrorist was detained after the Westminster attack.

Evening Standard  The controversial columnist sparked outcry when she posted a message on Twitter which read: 

It came after armed police arrested a 27-year-old Muslim man carrying “a bag of knives” in Westminster on Thursday afternoon.  The Met Police received messages from several people about Ms Hopkins’ message, which was slammed for being “hate speech” and “racist”.

The Met told all those making complaints to send officers a private message so they can take some further details.

But Ms Hopkins was undeterred and later responded to the criticism and said: “I am certain the police do not have anything more pressing to attend to. Why not start a petition as well?”

Yes, the Met does have something more pressing to do, but apparently, they don’t do it too well:

Gee, I wonder how many Mohammed’s were among this group of “knifemen?”