Are you sure that Muslim driving the Uber car you just ordered isn’t a terrorist?

AUSTRALIA: Uber driver ‘told woman, 26, he was part of Islamic State and wanted to blow up Parliament and shopping centre’ – after refusing to take her home.

UK Daily Mail  (h/t Sara S) A young woman has been left terrified after her Uber driver allegedly refused to take her home before rambling about being part of Islamic State and wanting to blow up Parliament House.

The 26-year-old, who chose to remain unnamed, ordered an Uber to go to Theodore in Canberra’s south on Saturday after a night out with friends, but was told by her driver he was taking her to Cooma, 100 kilometres away.

After he ‘asked if she’d ever eaten human flesh,’ and said he wanted to bomb a major shopping centre, she asked him to pull over at a service station to use the bathroom. ‘I banged on the window for the girl to let me in,’ the woman wrote on a Facebook post. The Canberra woman said she rang triple-0 during the car ride and put it on her lap, but they hung up after a minute.

Here’s her horrifying story:

Police have confirmed the driver is being investigated and he has been banned from driving with Uber until ‘allegations are assessed’.