GOOD! Under the Trump Administration, TSA Agents are doing their job again and Muslims don’t like it one bit

According to Mohammed Fairouz, “after arriving at New York’s John F Kennedy Airport from London Heathrow, I proceeded as I usually do to the Automated Passport Control machine and scanned my documents and fingerprints (all of which were recognized). As I did, an officer approached me and told me that I needed to report for additional screening. She didn’t explain why, except to say that my name – Mohammed Fairouz – was ‘super common.'”

Independent  “In a separate room, they took away my luggage and my laptop and told me that I couldn’t use my mobile phone. Clueless and aggressive officers escorted me to a room and had me sit in a plastic chair without the ability to listen to music or read a book. Again, I wasn’t given much information other than that this “could take hours”. Hours? I’d just stepped off an eight-hour flight.”

Under the Obama Regime, Muslim women got a free pass at airports:

“I ended up spending almost four hours at JFK, in that seat without access to anything I owned. I’m a composer. There’s nothing more tragic to me than the waste of human capital and potential. In those three and a half hours I could have written a short piano etude or edited a movement from my now overdue song cycle with string quartet.

But instead of allowing me to quietly get on with something productive, I was barked at to “SIT DOWN” by officers who every so often would loudly remind the people going through screening that “NOBODY LEAVES THIS ROOM WITHOUT CLEARANCE”.

“We were all, without arrest or charge, being treated like criminals: guilty until proven innocent.”

Earlier this month the American Muslim CEO of a leading travel media brand told The Independent that he had not brought his phone and laptop with him on a trip to London, because of concerns about searches when he returned to the US.

​Mr Ali said since the start of President Trump’s administration, Muslim travellers had faced difficulties with US Customs and Border Protection — with officials sometimes detaining new arrivals for hours while they trawl through phone and laptop data.

Doing this crap at an American airport now is guaranteed to get you put in a special room for enhanced screening.