AUSTRIA: Bar owner bans Muslim invaders posing refugees for sexually harassing female customers

AFP  Karin Siebrecht-Janisch, who runs Charly’s Bar in the picturesque spa town of Bad Ischl in Upper Austria state, said she took the decision after Muslim male migrants had repeatedly harassed her female clientele in recent months. Things escalated on New Year’s Eve when “several Muslims” groped a waitress, according to Siebrecht-Janisch.

“After that I had enough and I decided to ban them all until we find the culprits. I need to protect my guests and my family,” she told AFP. Siebrecht-Janisch said she had also hired bouncers and introduced a two-euro door charge, which she expected “migrants aren’t able to pay”.

Charly’s first made headlines earlier this week when Siebrecht-Janisch posted a status update on Facebook announcing that her bar was now “free of asylum-seekers”. Slamming the ban as racist, Austrian rights groups said it also highlighted an important loophole in Austria’s legal system. Inciting hatred against ‘foreigners’ is illegal, but using the term ‘refugee’ or ‘asylum-seeker’ in a discriminatory way is not an offence under current sedition laws.

Austria has become a major transit country for the hundreds of thousands of Muslim invaders trying to enter the European Union, with some 1,000-2,000 arriving in Upper Austria on a daily basis at the moment.