BELGIUM: “Tired of racism,” says Moroccan Muslim man before setting himself on fire

Footage has emerged online showing a Muslim man setting himself on fire outside a courthouse in the Belgian town of Kortrijk. The man earlier reportedly left a social media post saying he was “tired of racism,” while police have called the incident an act of despair. (Actually, more like an act of public service)

RT  The man, identified as a 38-year-old Kapsalon Chafik of Moroccan Muslim descent, left the courthouse on Tuesday and moments later returned with a canister of gasoline to a square right in front of the building, some 15 meters from the entrance, a police statement said.

As seen in the video, he then spilled some gasoline and lit it, before pouring some more on his jacket and setting it on fire. He then instantly ran towards police officers and firefighters who were already at the scene.

The video title on Kapsalon Chafik’s profile says he faced a problem with the national social security office, adding that he was “tired with racism.” (Somebody should have told him Islam is NOT a race) Local media reported that the man was taken to hospital in critical condition after receiving severe burns over 35 percent of his body.

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