IT FIGURES! Minnesotastan Republican Party forces official to resign after he smeared Hamas-supporting, Jew-hating Muslim congressman, Keith Ellison, on Facebook

Well, when you’re from a state like Minnesota with such a large sharia-supporting Muslim population, many of whom have left to fight along side the Islamic State (ISIS), you’ll often find yourself on your knees kissing the feet of designated terrorist group CAIR.

Star Tribune  Minnesota’s 7th Congressional District Republican Party official published a Facebook post calling Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) the state’s “Head Muslim Goat Humper” and a “raving, Louis Farrakhan supporting, anti-Semite, anti-white racist and fascist American.”

It featured an image of Ellison, dressed in camouflage hunting gear and posing with a wild turkey he apparently had shot. The post writer also derided U.S. Rep. Collin Peterson, D-MN, saying “Peterson has been cozying up to Muslim [expletive] Keith Ellison. Heck, they’re now hunting buddies. Does that mean Muslim refugees coming to western Minnesota?”

Jennifer Carnahan, newly elected chair of the Minnesota Republican Party denounced the since-deleted posts and said the culprit has resigned, although she didn’t disclose that person’s identity.

Minnesota Public Radio chronicles, in November 2014, a 7th CD Republicans leader named Jack Whitley published a post on Facebook calling for all “muslim terrorists” to be executed.