MINNESOTASTAN police want you to think the two thugs involved in a shooting were just “black” guys

Conveniently, they leave out the two most important distinguishing  characteristics of those black guys – the Somali and Muslim parts. Officers arrested two people believed to have been involved in the incident and were seeking a third in northwest Rochester.

Post Bulletin (h/t UT)  Authorities received multiple emergency calls from several witnesses, reporting shots fired in a parking lot at Minnwest Bank, 331 16th Ave. NW. According to Sgt. Frank Ohm of the Rochester Police Department, the incident involved “three to four black males fighting,” and shots were fired.

Two suspects were arrested down the street and were taken into custody for further questioning. Rochester police are seeking at least one more — possibly two since witness reports were conflicting — person involved in the incident. The suspect was described to be a black man in his twenties and was last known to be wearing a red sweatshirt. (But don’t describe them as “Somali Muslim” men who are very distinctive from American blacks because their high foreheads)

Around six rounds were fired, Ohm said, and several vehicles were hit by the rounds. There were no signs that any person was struck.

And here they are: Idris Haji-Mohamed & Abdi Abukar. Yet the article still doesn’t ID them as Somali Muslims.