Why is Tommy Robinson now trashing Quilliam, the Muslim think tank that paid him to stab his own English Defence League brothers in the back

What most people don’t know is between being leader and founder of the anti-Islamization English Defence League and his current gig with The Rebel Media, Tommy Robinson was put on a monthly retainer by Muslim owned ‘Quilliam’ to not only leave the English Defence League but to badmouth it all over the media.

Below is a Rebel Media video of Robinson visiting the offices of Quilliam to complain about them calling him a “white supremacist.” This is exactly what they did to him while he was in the English Defence League before Quilliam (backed by the UK government) made a deal with Robinson to betray his own organization, the EDL, and join forces with Quilliam. Scroll down to the second story/video to see how that betrayal played out.

Tommy Robinson claims he was paid thousands of pounds by the Quilliam Foundation to leave the English Defence League in a deal the questionable anti-extremism Muslim think-tank coordinated so they could take “credit” for his resignation.

(left to right) English Defence League (EDL) leader Tommy Robinson, Maajid Nawaz of Quilliam Foundation and English Defence League co-founder Kevin Carroll, during a press conference at the Montague Hotel, central London, as they announce that they are to stand down from the EDL under the guidance of the Quilliam foundation.

HuffPost  Quilliam has never previously acknowledged they paid Robinson to leave the group he formed in August 2009, or to work with them, and the 32-year-old has previously remained silent on the deal that was struck with the organisation he now says has “no credibility” and is “more despised by Muslims than I was”.

Robinson told the Huffington Post UK that Quilliam, which was once said to receive millions of pounds of government funding, initially paid him £2,000 a month in a deal struck despite him expecting to be imprisoned the following month.

Robinson claims he was on the Quilliam payroll for six months and received about £8,000. During that time, beyond attending the press conference, Robinson got involved in a few “Quilliam-orientated projects”. One was a meeting in Luton between the EDL and a group of Muslims that was “chaos”.

Quilliam on Friday acknowledged they paid Robinson, but refuted the nature of their financial agreement. In a statement it said: “Quilliam never claimed to ‘deradicalise’ Tommy, nor ‘reform’ him, only that we facilitated his departure from the EDL. Quilliam cannot comment on Tommy’s intentions (or “staging”) for leaving the EDL, as it cannot read his mind. We simply helped him leave the EDL, rendering that group leaderless since.

Robinson wrote that Carroll thought Quilliam “were bullshit”, but agreed to go along with the ruse. Robinson had first come into contact with Quilliam while filming a BBC documentary called ‘When Tommy Met Mo’. In the documentary Robinson and Mohammed Ansar challenged each others views.