HAPPY CINCO de MILO! The bitch is back (and better than ever)

Former Breitbart Senior Editor Milo Yiannopoulos celebrated Cinco de MILO today where he announced a number of new Milo, Inc. ventures.

Breitbart  “I am going to spend the next year making the name Simon & Schuster synonymous with censorship (Simon & Schuster abruptly stopped publication of his book). I am going to spend the next year giving out as many free ‘Fuck Simon & Schuster’ shirts as I can.” MILO continued, “do not worry about the scolds and the nannies. So we’re suing them… I am suing Simon & Schuster for $10 million dollars.”

“But we’re taking it a step further,” said MILO, “I am going to take not just all of their best authors but all of the best authors of all of the conservative imprints in this country and launch my own imprint called Dangerous Books. We are going to publish every mischievous, dissident, hellraising guy you have ever heard of… We’re going to be going live in the next seven days.”

MILO then announced the return of his touring career stating that he would be launching a student and commercial tour called “Troll Academy.” MILO stated that Troll Academy would be accepting applications on Monday from venues or colleges that wished to host him. MILO stated that personally would “determine whether you deserve a visit from me.”

In his final announcement of the night, MILO discussed his Free Speech Week at UC Berkeley, which will take place in the fall.