IRAQ: Iranian militias tell Rev. Franklin Graham: “We are here to kill ISIS, and after we kill ISIS, we are going to kill Americans”

Commenting on his recent travels in Iraq, Reverend Franklin Graham said there are numerous Iranian militias there fighting alongside the Iraqi army, that we are supporting, to destroy ISIS. And once they destroy ISIS, Iran will try to conquer Iraq again.

CNS News  As head of the international Christian relief group Samaritan’s Purse, Franklin Graham has been providing humanitarian aid to the thousands of people, Christian and Muslim, displaced by ISIS’s genocide in Iraq and Syria.
When ISIS attacked Mosul and villages in northern Iraq, Christians were given about one hour to pack their things and flee, said Graham. Their homes and property were taken. Now, the Iraqi government apparently has no intention of helping the displaced Christians, said Graham. “They don’t want them to return,” he said.  “They want the land. They want these villages.”

Former Fox News host, Greta VanSustren, accompanied Rev. Franklin Graham on his trip to Mosul, and was able to see first-hand the devastating Muslim persecution of the Christian community whose numbers  just a fraction of what they once were.