SAN DIEGO School board member attacked for policy of forcing students to be indoctrinated with pro-Islam propaganda

God bless these parents in San Diego who are fighting against the biggest existential threat this country has ever faced – ISLAM. This story is NOT about Muslim bullying, as the school board pretends it is.

This is a pathetic attempt by School Board member, Kevin Beiser, to use the media to intimidate and silence his critics. The story has gone viral, nationally, and the opposition to Islamic indoctrination in schools is overpowering the local media in this case, who have largely sided with the pro-Islam advocates. The national interest in this story disturbs the board members. The next meeting may be the last chance to speak out until next school year.


SAN DIEGO: Finally, after 8 years of pleading with parents to stop their schools from indoctrinating children with Islamic propaganda, parents are beginning to fight back

San Diego public school district will create ‘safe spaces’ for Muslims while forcing non-Muslim students to learn about Islam