Unlike other Bible Belt communities which Obama used as destination states for his Somali Muslim freeloaders, Arizona has made itself so inhospitable for them, they are leaving the state in droves

Arizona had became a top destination state for the Obama Regime to dump thousands of  uneducated and unskilled Somali Muslim freeloaders, whose steep importation and travel costs were borne by unwilling American taxpayers. But now, Arizona not only has found a way to stop the influx, it has reversed it, with thousands of Somali Muslims leaving the state for other states that offer better welfare benefits.

USA News (h/t Cathpax) According to the Phoenix New Times, at least half of the 7,351 Somali refugees resettled in Arizona have moved out of the state because there are not enough welfare and government benefits for their liking. Additionally, they are fleeing because the state requires them to learn English and find jobs in order to attain food stamps.

Here’s more… Each immigrant in Arizona receives $925 from the US Department of Health and Human Service. With this payment, migrants is expected to foot the rest of their bills after the payment is spent. The state of Arizona doesn’t offer additional funding unless these welfares earn them. And it seems like too many steps for some of them.

All the refugees are required to complete a monthly report proving that they are learning English, and looking for jobs. If some of them skips to visit language courses or refuse to apply for job, their food stamps are cut off and they are denied all other state benefits.

 Here’s what one Somali refugee said about Arizona’s system:

“The one thing that Arizona does very well is making sure that at least these families will not go hungry,” Somali asylum seeker Mukhtar Sheikh says. “But sometimes these families don’t get enough help — they come in saying, “Oh, my food stamps have stopped,’ so we have to call DES and ask them why.” (But they are fussy about the kind of food they can get with food stamps. If it isn’t Islam-approved halal food, they will stage a sit-in at goverment offices demanding that food banks give them halal food)

He then admitted that he and his family were leaving Arizona for better benefits.

“If that money runs out and they don’t have a job, then there starts to be pressure for them to find a way to survive,” Sheikh says. “There’s not a lot of programs to help them with employment here.”

This is such a great plan by Arizona.

The Department of Economic Security, which administers the Arizona Refugee Resettlement program, doesn’t track where refugees end up once they stop receiving services from the state, director of communications Tasya Peterson says. So it’s impossible to get an exact count of how many refugees have left for other states in search of better opportunities unlimited welfare benefits.

But, Peterson adds: “We do know that Somali refugees resettled in many states have relocated to live in cities in which the largest numbers of Somalis reside, including cities in Minnesota and Ohio, due to mutual assistance and other affinity relationships.” Below is a typical size Somali Muslim family in the U.S.

Yes, Minnesota has become a dumping ground for Somali Muslim freeloaders.  Throughout his 8 years in office, Barack Obama continued to import Somali asylum seekers at a rate of 750 per month, with the highest amount resettled in Minnesota. As of the end of 2015, more than 127,000 Somalis have been admitted to the U.S. through the Refugee Admission Program.

Somalia is ranked as one of the most dangerous nations on earth, easily beating Sudan, Turkey, and Libya. Ranked number 4 by the IntelCenter Database, Somalia is outranked only by Iraq and Syria, which are currently under threat of the Islamic State, and Afghanistan, a dangerous Sharia governance and renowned human rights violator.

30 Somali Muslims (below) were indicted in a massive child sex ring scandal, in which Somali Muslims abused young girls though sex trafficking that spanned from Minnesota to Ohio and Tennessee.