TWO female spokesbagheads from designated terrorist group CAIR still whining about a discussion between a Muslim and an American woman at Trader Joe’s

In this 3rd or 4th media report on this non-story, you can see and hear the American woman but can’t see the Muslim who was responding. No fighting, no screaming, no cursing, just an American woman upset because the Muslim woman let someone cut in front of her in the line instead of going to the end.

Notice the CAIR baghead on the left, Zainab Chaudry, who claims to wear the headbag for “modesty” but paints up her face like a two-bit whore, while whining about alleged rampant “Islamophobia.” Most of the complaints are fake and several Muslims  have been caught by police and arrested for hate crime hoaxes. Shame on the media for continuing to fall for this crap. And don’t believe the crap about 5 million people watching the video. Nobody cares about Muslims.