BOSTON: There’s a good chance that the man charged with killing two doctors by slitting their throats is a Muslim

Originally from Guinea-Bissau, where the largest religion (52.2%) is Islam, Bampumim Teixeira, is accused of slitting the throats of two well-liked doctors who were found in their blood-spattered $1.9 million South Boston condo.

HEAVY  Bampumim Teixeira, an immigrant from West Africa who had worked as a security guard, was shot by police who arrived at the scene and discovered him inside the 11th floor luxury penthouse, Boston police say. Authorities then discovered the bodies of Lina Bolanos, 38, and Richard Field, 49, (below) who were engaged anesthesiologists who had traveled the world together and were known for their warmth and compassion with patients.

Prosecutors indicated robbery may be the motive, according to WBZ. However, prosecutors did not specifically use that word during a bizarre court hearing May 8, in which the suspect was arraigned in a hospital bed and kept his eyes closed. They did say, though, that he was dressed in black clothes and gloves, and they found a bag of jewelry in the condo that contained what they believe was Bolanos’ jewelry. Police found a knife at the scene, CBS Boston reported.

In a news conference on May 9, the District Attorney disputed earlier accounts that the suspect knew the victims.  The doctors’ throats were slashed, according to local several media reports, and, reports The Boston Globe, a “message of retribution” was left behind, the doctors’ hands were bound, and photos of the doctors were cut up. The walls were allegedly smeared with blood and featured a vindictive message (although it is not clear if the note itself was written in blood).

Teixeira, a legal permanent resident of the U.S., had a criminal history before the murders in the United States. According to The Boston Globe, the suspect was “a former security guard,” and his ex-girlfriend said he “had just gotten out of prison for robbing a bank.” She also says Teixeira, 30, was born in Guinea-Bissau before moving to Boston in his 20s.

Universal Hub reports that, according to the District Attorney, Teixeira “pleaded guilty on Sept. 15 of last year to two counts of unarmed robbery of a bank” and was sentenced to nine months in jail.

Charged Monday with the grisly murder of two Boston doctors, Teixeira reportedly had years earlier burglarized the same bank on two separate occasions and received 364 in jail days as a result — a sentence just one day short of legally justifying his deportation.