This is how designated terrorist group CAIR, aided and abetted by the school board, is turning San Diego schools into sharia-compliant Islamic indoctrination centers

San Diego school board members don’t seem to have a problem with teaching non-Muslim public school students all about the religion of Islam, including how to pray and what one is obligated to to to become a good Muslim. Some middle school history books now devote 36 pages to the study of Islam and only one page to the study of all other religions combined. How would you like to walk into your children’s school one day and seem them on their hands and knees praying to Allah?

Below is a video of the guide for Islam teaching in public schools provided by CAIR which shows the roadmap to basic compliance with Sharia, the theocratic religious law of Islam.

All of the religious obligations of Muslims stem from Sharia. In so far as the school accommodates these Islamic religious practices, they are complying with Sharia law, which is illegal in this country.

When the school punishes children for disrespecting Islamic religious practices (which CAIR like to call “bullying,”), the school is actually enforcing Sharia, which means subjugating American customs and beliefs in submission to  Islam. They may not be cutting off hands and beheading people, but they are nevertheless implementing basic Sharia concepts.

Why are these American school districts, dominated by far left liberal educators, suddenly so receptive to the teaching of  religion in public schools – but only one religion – which they would never do for Christianity, Judaism, or any other religion? Why are they are bending over backwards to appease the demands of terrorism-linked Muslim Brotherhood front groups like CAIR?

One of the main reasons is Common Core, which has incorporated Islam into its history and geography books, books which are often published by and totally paid for by the Islamic nation of Qatar, which is the major funder of Common Core in the U.S.

Listen to the anger of one of the many parents, Christopher Wyrick , who spoke out at a school board meeting to oppose  the Islamic Indoctrination of their children. Wyrick was eventually escorted out by police because the board would only allow parents one minute per person to speak.


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