NEVER HIRE A MUSLIM (Reason #147 UPDATE) on Somali Muslim workers fired from Cargill because of their demands to pray several times a day in large groups

FINALLY, a news reporter who isn’t eating the crap sandwich that designated terrorist group CAIR is trying to feed her.


EXCELLENT! Cargill not backing down on decision to fire 200 Somali Muslim employees who demanded excessive time off for prayer during work hours



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  1. Islam verse the world, Islam demands everything while the world is stupid and gives them everything, the only way to stop this BS of prayer rights, food rights is simply say NO, we do not operate that way in America, if you do not want to be around pork do not work in our meat packing plants or eateries, want your head gear, leave it at home do not bring to work, do not want to cooperate than leave and return to home nation from where you came from, learn what assimilation entails, speak English, PEOPLE, remember Islam is a political movement, sharia law is their law for Muslims only, do not fall for the religious BS, wake up America,

  2. Cargill probably added up all the time lost over the years and the reality finally hit them. Now hire US citizens who are unemployed instead, who would be happy to work a proper shift.

    Years ago I worked with a Muslim. He would take 1 1/2 hour lunches and also close his door so he could “pray” and ordered not to be disturbed for anything. None of us liked him as he was always demanding and not very friendly at all. He seemed to be snubbing his nose at us. We all celebrated when he was transferred out to a faraway office. I get the feeling he was just being passed around since nobody could fire him.

  3. This hardworking professional woman isn’t stupid. She is thinking, “What kind of shit is this that these people expect to walk off their job 5 times a day plus lunch break en mass? Who has ever seen this in their life?
    These Mudslime are thinking of the nice unemployment or welfare payouts they will get without working at all!

  4. The thing that everyone overlooks is, muzzturds can do MAKE-UP prayers for those missed. It’s a pity the lady didn’t know this & could have floored the lying POS moslem with one question “Why can’t they do make-up prayers”?

  5. Any company that hires these vermin deserves them and the problems they bring. They want “cheap”, they got “cheap”. If they don’t want to hire Americans, F**K them!

  6. Why are they demanding the right to pray? Their prayers obviously don’t work. They were fired. 😺

    • You can thank our government, churches and groups that specialize in bringing in refugees, the companies get a tax cut or something like it, remember people part of this action is due to the fact that we as Americans have an issue with working in places like Cargill, thats why illegals get hired as well, we have become a society that thinks these types of jobs are beneath us, therefore these companies have to find labor from someplace. Better start rethinking what work is and how it can pay the bills, there is no shame in any job your willing to work as long as its honest work.