Look at what CNN contributor and Temple University professor, Mark Lamont Hill, finds offensive

In an attempt to justify his opinion, Lamont Hill tweets:

Apparently, Lamont-Hill equates Israelis building homes on their own land with Islamic terrorism:

Some Twitter reactions:

Then again, Lamont Hill slanders black supporters of Donald Trump by calling them “Uncle Toms, Oreo Cookies, and Mediocre Negroes:”

Lamont Hill’s visit to what he calls “occupied Jerusalem” didn’t go too well either when he was mistaken for a Somali terrorist in Egypt. Well, he does have that typical Somali Muslim high forehead thing going on.

Of course, it should surprise no one that Lamont Hill is a big supporter of the racist Muslim Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam.

Last but not least, Lamont Hill doesn’t consider Muslims who behead people to be terrorists. So why isn’t he visiting Syria?