SHARIA-COMPLIANT Gov. Chris Christie vetoes bill that would outlaw Muslim forced child marriage in New Jersey

The underage marriage ban bill aims to change current New Jersey law, which permits 16- and 17-year-olds to get married with parental consent and those under the age of 16 to marry with the approval of a family court judge.

Daily Caller  A Republican sponsored the bill, but Christie stood in opposition, citing (Muslim) religious freedom and noting the age of consent in New Jersey is 16, reports Politico.

Designated terrorist group CAIR has honored Christie as a friend and supporter of the Islamic agenda in America

Unchained At Last, a non-profit group that seeks to help mainly Muslim women in arranged and forced marriages, estimates there have been at least 3,600 marriages in New Jersey involving someone under the age of 18 between 1995 and 2015 and 166 of those involved children 15-years-old or younger.

“The shocking truth is that child marriage is legal right now in New Jersey, and it’s shocking that thousands of children have been married here recently, most of them minor girls married to adult men,” Fraidy Reiss, executive director of Unchained at Last, said in a committee hearing, according to Politico.

“An exclusion without exceptions would violate the cultures and traditions of some communities in New Jersey based on religious traditions,” Christie wrote in the veto message, according to “Judicial oversight would permit consideration of these factors in the 16 and 17-year-old timeframe.”

Clarion Project Christie accused constituents of being “crazies” for their obsession with “this sharia law crap” after he appointed a Muslim as a Superior Court Judge in 2011, Sohail Mohammed, who was an attorney for Imam Mohammed Qatanani, a radical cleric linked to Hamas that the Department of Homeland Security wants to deport from the country. Mohammed was also the General Counsel for the American Muslim Union, a group closely tied to Qatanani’s mosque, the Islamic Center of Passaic County. The mosque continues to be a Muslim outreach partner of the Christie Administration.

Christie is definitely aware of the negative attention he’s receiving because of his own defense of Qatanani because he furiously blasted critics of Qatanani as anti-Muslim “bigots” that are part of a “gaze of intolerance that’s going around our country that’s disturbing.”

Here’s Crispy Creme’s infamous jihad speech where he referred to anyone opposed to sharia law in America as “crazies.”


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